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Santa Claus is a Socialist European!

Jim wrote earlier this morning about the heavy risk these days of buying a Christmas present that was manufactured using slave labor or child labor. One way to make sure you’re not giving such an unethical gift this year is to buy something that you know is made right here in the USA.

One place to look for such gifts is Skreened, a company that prints t-shirts in Columbus, Ohio. Skreened only prints on shirts that are made by American Apparel. American Apparel only manufactures shirts in the United States, so you can be confident that sweatshop labor abuses aren’t being supported by your holiday shopping.

santa european socialistBut which shirt at Skreened makes the best holiday gift? Let me recommend this one in particular, which mocks the right wing’s anti-foreigner campaign of fear, suggesting that President Barack Obama is a foreign-born socialist. This t-shirt identifies the person the right wing really ought to be worried about: Santa Claus.

As we enter the season for another war on Christmas, it’s time the right wing target its fury at Santa, who tries to usurp the position of the Baby Jesus with a program for radical redistribution of wealth.

Gifts for everybody, even for children who don’t contribute to the economy by getting a job? Why, that’s welfare! It’s socialism! Worse than that, it’s European socialism! Santa Claus is a European Socialist!

You thought Barack Obama was a threat to international capitalism? He’s got nothing on Santa Claus. Haven’t you noticed the striking similarity in appearance between Santa and Karl Marx?

This all-American anti-santasocialism shirt is available in a variety of colors and styles for men, women and children, so that we can all stand together to defeat the radical agenda of the man dressed in flaming red.

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