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Valley Forge Tea Party Swallows Obama Birth Certificate Hoax

It’s been more than six months since the notion has been thoroughly debunked that an “AP article” proving that Barack Obama somehow registered at Occidental College as “Barry Soetoro” and therefore is really a secret Indonesian! It’s utterly untrue, but some people really really really want it to be true. They want it to be true so badly that they’ll cling to it like Saran Wrap.

One of the latest places the hoax “story” has appeared is the Meetup website of the Valley Forge Tea Party.

Then there’s a posting on Sodahead.

The San Antonio Tea Party is breathlessly sharing the “news” too.

These are just a sampling of the ongoing postings of the Obama hoax as if it were real news. I’d stopped looking for instances of these months ago, assuming that they would have gone away as people realized they were false. But nope, they’re still around. There are better reasons to be upset with Barack Obama. Why choose the “Indonesian” one?

14 thoughts on “Valley Forge Tea Party Swallows Obama Birth Certificate Hoax”

  1. They Call Me...Tim says:

    Until Obama stands there, like all other Presidents, and hands over the document for an offical record in the Senate, which is required, then these people will never go away. It’s the only record that he has not turned over and remains sealed under court order in Hawaii. Of course they are going to scream conspiracy. On this issue the longer he stalls the more is gets cemented. Obama is a fool. Produce the document and shut them up.

    But then again, birthers will be like truthers, or the mooners. They will see the hard evidence in front of them and not believe it….

    1. Jim says:

      Tim, there’s not even that leg for the birthers to stand on.

      Show me the documentation that “all other Presidents” have somehow been required to present their birth certificate to the U.S. Senate for certification as part of the official record in the Senate. It should be easy for you to show to me if it’s part of the “official record in the Senate,” since the official record in the Senate is fully available online.

      I agree with you that birthers, like 9-11 truthers and the moon landing hoax people, aren’t interested in evidence. They’re interested in something else. What do you think that is?

      1. qs says:

        I believe they think that the Constitution says that to be a natural born citizen both of your parents can not be foreign citizens.

        The courts don’t seem to enforce this if it indeed a requirement though.

        1. They Call me...Tim says:

          Yes, a natrual born citizen, but not of both parents. Obama’s issue is that when he was a child there was a law on the books that if a FATHER or MOTHER was not a citizen, the child must have lived in the US until age 2 to be considered a natural born child. That law changed after Obama was 4. But Obama moved to Indoniesia at age 3. That’s the catch.

          1. qs says:

            no, no.

            There was some thing where they were about parents loyal to Britain so it goes beyond that. They think both parents can not be citizens of another country also.

            I don’t know the details though but this was my impression.

          2. qs says:

            Sorry both parents can not be foreign citizens for the child to be natural born. I don’t know if any of those claims has any real legitimacy or not.

          3. They Call me...Tim says:

            Yes, you can. I’m an example. Both my parents are Italian born, they were not natrualized citizens when I was born. I never left the country to go visit Italy and relatives until I was 8, which had me fall inside the limits. I’m 51 years old. Now, Obama, on the other hand had a mom which was American, not British. However, she may have recended her nationality when she went to Indoniesia. But that would not have effected Barry. Yet, him leaving the country before age 2 is a problem if before 1974.

          4. Jim says:

            Tim’s right that you don’t have to have American parents to be a natural-born American citizen. Review the law before you spout, qs.

          5. qs says:

            Hmmm I think I saw a WND video on it.

          6. Jim says:

            The pile of WND videos making inaccurate claims is high enough to reach, um, something really tall.

          7. Jim says:

            Do you have a citation to a source on this old 2 year old, 4 year old citizenship law, Tim? I hadn’t encountered it.

  2. They Call me...Tim says:

    I know that it’s part of accepting the office. It’s required. The Senate Leader is to accept the documentaion for verification. It’s a preceedual thing that is usually handled before the election by the leading two party canidates by their party Chairman. So when the election is over, that aspect of the election process is done and only the electoral college nees to do their thing. This is done about the time of when they accept their party nomination and Secret Service agents are assigned. Remember the flap about McCain not being born in the US but in Panama, at a US Base? That was about the time when documentation was turned in by both canidates.

    But I have no idea why they hang on to this nonsense. What they want is to believe that there is some illuminati type greater sinister force making their lives miserable. That the things they want to believe is being manipulated by others. I’m guessing here.

    1. Jim says:

      What you’re describing presidential candidates do isn’t the public presentation of a birth certificate, if I understand you correctly. It’s just the certification by party officials that the candidate is eligible. Such a thing WAS actually done in the case of Barack Obama, and you can see the pdfs here. So Obama has gone through that step.

      John McCain turned documentation of his birth over to the Senate in April of 2008, as a special case, when some people tried to assert that he wasn’t a natural born citizen because he was born in Panama. This led to the Judiciary Committee’s declaration that he was eligible. McCain’s experience was atypical.

  3. raj says:

    just produce the documents,
    to shut the “birthers” up. i dont believe this stuff but the longer it takes for obama to JUST show the papers, honestly it makes me think? SO i dont understand the problem unless its a convienent diversion.

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