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DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS Agree: Government Doesn’t Have Enough Cybersurveillance Power

DOJ Official James BakerAlthough he is apparently not on the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has just dropped by its hearing on cybersecurity to ask witnesses representing the Department of Justice, FBI, National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security if they are satisfied with their current authority under law to engage in online surveillance and assertive action. Associate Deputy Attorney General James Baker responded with a firm “NO.” Senator Whitehouse asked other representatives of the government if they agreed; they nodded in agreement.

Your federal government is looking for more power online. When asked by Whitehouse, DAG Baker indicated that the Obama administration is drawing up legislation to accumulate the desired new powers and after consultation with Congress would be rolling such legislation out in the future. Look for something expansive to come down the pike.

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