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Republican Steve King: Only Christians Don’t Like Killing Dogs

Yesterday, Truman identified a particularly yummy bit of babble by Representative Steve King of Iowa in which he asserts that America is a Christian nation because we speak English and derive our cherished values from the ancient Greeks. Roll that thought around your brain a little bit. It’s just so savory.

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, Protector of the Christian NationAs with all yummy, savory morsels, I find I want more after I’ve tasted one. Steve King’s words are like Lay’s brand potato chips. So I headed over to read Steve King’s full speech and gulp down some more salty goodness. Rep. King didn’t disappoint. Here are his thoughts on killing dogs and our Christian Nation:

We still have the American people who, as a culture, understand Christian values and Christian principles, the Judeo-Christian values that are timeless.

So I would illustrate that, Madam Speaker, in this way. An example would be this: Let’s just say if an honorable man from Texas were to pull into his driveway and his neighbor’s dog had gotten loose and had run underneath the tire of his car. If you’re in Texas or Iowa or most of the places in the country, if you run over your neighbor’s dog, what do you do? This is how I’m going to illustrate this is a Christian Nation. You go over and knock on your neighbor’s door and you say, Well, Joe, I just killed your dog. I’m sorry.

Well, there are two things that happened there. One of them is confession, I just killed your dog. I’m sorry, his repentance. The third thing you say is, Will you forgive me? I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. So you would have confession, repentance, and you ask for forgiveness. And the neighbor, Joe, will say, Well, it wasn’t your fault. Of course you’re forgiven. And that is the path of Christian forgiveness that takes place even when we run over our neighbor’s dog.

This is a Christian Nation.

Get that? The way we can prove that the United States of America is a Christian Nation is that if we run over our neighbor’s dog, we go knock on the owner’s door and say we’re sorry. I guess this means that in non-Christian nations like Nepal and Israel and Singapore and Japan, nobody apologizes for anything! And if the test for Christianity is being sorry and apologizing for killing your neighbor’s dog, then I guess that means that only Christians don’t like killing their neighbors’ dogs.

The things we learn from our politicians today. Thanks for the lesson, Steve King, but that’s all for today. I’m off now to behead your Chihuahua.

13 thoughts on “Republican Steve King: Only Christians Don’t Like Killing Dogs”

  1. Peggy says:

    Hey, Genius, did you not read where King mentioned the phrase “Judeo-Christian”? That would include Israel.

    1. Jim says:

      Hey, Peggy, did you read the part “This is how I’m going to illustrate this is a Christian Nation”?

      And even if we amended Steve King’s bizarre conclusion to say that only Jews and Christians are sorry about killing neighbors’ dogs, does that make it any better?

  2. Peggy says:


    In typical leftist form, you have chosen to edit Steve King’s words. Why don’t you post the entirety of King’s comments for the readers. As can be expected, he is merely responding to an anti-Christian attack by someone else who is on a Christian bashing rant.

    Thinking Americans don’t need you to spoonfeed them half-truths.

    1. Jim says:

      I haven’t edited Steve King’s words. I’ve excerpted them and provided a link to those who want to read the full text.

      Steve King is NOT responding to an attack or a bash in his “This is a Christian Nation” speech.

  3. Bryan says:

    You guys….are absolute retards. You’re trying to badger a minority congressman here simply to cover up the stupid shit your savior (Obama) is doing. Let me ask you libs one question…what has Obama done for you? Well let’s see, he takes an already bad debt situation from Bush and makes it 3 times worse. Literally….3 times worse, 1 trillion debt to 3 trillion. He keeps all our military boys in Afghanistan after making a campaign promise to bring them home, he raises taxes on middle class goods after breaking his promise to not tax the middle class in his campaign. He and Pelosi are also trying to push this bullshit public option health care through that will raise health care costs for everyone that doesn’t get it free in the first place and FINE people that don’t get health insurance, and he’s trying to get rid of Guantanamo Bay and bring the radical muslims within a stones throw of the very place they helped destroy 8 years ago to be tried in civilian courts for things that are clearly war crimes. You libs crack me up man, most of you think you’re so informed and so enlightened, take a step back, look at the world and the way things are, put out of your mind the bullshit these retards feed you, and think about things for what they really are. If you heavily tax big business, you pay more for the goods, people get laid off, or they simply close shop and look for cheaper labor elsewhere… protect a bug that 99% of you will never see and inadvertently raise prices because business is not allowed to develop there. You are this countries absolute destruction. No one said you have to adhere to the “christian principles” that some conservatives adhere to, just think a little bit and stop thinking about your damn selves for a moment.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      – If you think that it’s unfair that an independent web site is criticizing a member of the United States Congress, then you must think that this member of Congress is too weak for his position.
      – If you think that Obama is our savior, then you haven’t bothered even to do a quick skim through our category “Barack Obama” That’s pretty lazy
      – I’m interested what you think in the principles of Christianity would dictate the conservative principles starting a war on false pretenses, spying on the private lives of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, torture, refusal to take care of the health needs of the people, massive pollution of the environment, and taking money from the poor while giving more to the wealthy. Sounds like a pretty nasty religion you have there.

    2. Jim says:

      You mistake us for partisan Democrats, which we’re not, so cut the whiny “savior” talk. And while we’re at it, let’s stick to the facts. Steve King voted to put “our military boys” in Afghanistan. Barack Obama did not promise during the campaign to bring troops home from Afghanistan; for better or worse, he promised to redouble on that war. Congress raises and lowers taxes. And Steve King has actively supported many pieces of legislation that require Americans to adhere to Christian theological principles.

  4. Bryan says:

    I have to ask this…about a year ago, a Blackwater employee was ambushed by a group of radical muslims en route to deliver goods to our soldiers in Iraq. They took him out of the truck, beat him senseless, tortured him, broke a half dozen bones, slit his throat, hung him from a telephone pole, and then gutted him so the whole town could see. Just recently, a group of special forces found these assholes that did this and one of them punched their leader in the face, busting his lip. Now the special forces team are under criminal investigation for doing so from your liberal democrat leaders. Is that really justice? If you follow rules of engagement like this, then I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with you. Personally I think the special forces team should have tortured and killed the assholes responsible for that and then made up a story to cover their asses, but that’s me. You go after a conservative for giving his heart-felt feelings involving something that absolutely doesn’t matter, but I doubt you’ll give much consideration to this “incident” because it doesn’t fit your agenda.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      What’s your point, Bryan? You’re taking the story as given by the infamous “Blackwater”, now renamed after it was found to be shooting Muslim civilians dead just so that it could get through traffic, as the truth without much question, but let’s say that it’s accurate. What is the lesson that you’re trying to teach? Is the lesson that justice is best delivered by mercenaries? Or, is it that it’s okay for armed soldiers to be given immunity from the law? Or, is it that it’s just unfair to ask the government to follow the law when other people are cruel?

      What on earth is the point you’re trying to make that’s germane to this article? Is your point that Blackwater mercenaries are virtuous, whereas Muslims are evil, and therefore Steve King is right, and only Christians don’t like killing dogs?

      The point is not unimportant, because politicians like Steve King are trying to pass legislation that gives Christianity special legal privileges in the United States, and converting our government into a tool for the promotion of religion. Steve King is trying to make the United States of America more like the theocracy of Iran. You may not think that matters, but I think that it does.

    2. Jim says:

      Gee, Bryan. You “think the special forces team should have tortured and killed the assholes responsible for”… as you allege, torturing and killing someone. It sounds like you’d like Americans to act just like terrorists. Why are you pro-terrorism? Why do you despise American ideals? Golly, Bryan. That’s not very patriotic.

      P.S. A quick check reveals that the Navy SEALS you refer to specifically requested that they be court-martialed. Facts are pesky.

  5. Peggy says:

    “And Steve King has actively supported many pieces of legislation that require Americans to adhere to Christian theological principles.” — Jim

    If that’s true (cite your sources, please!) it’s only in response to similar legislation favoring other religions.

    Steve King loves to point out the hypocrisy and double standards at work in Congress.

    1. Jim says:

      I can cite bills to support what I claim, yes. H.R. 1070, 109th Congress.

      There’s one, and that’s just for starters. Would you like more? I’ll happily cite another when you cite for me one of the pieces of legislation before the U.S. Congress that favors a non-Christian religion. I’m happily waiting for it.

      1. Jim says:

        Yeah, Peggy, that’s pretty much what I thought you wouldn’t say.

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