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Towns of Piscataquis County, Maine Vote in Gay-Unfriendly Landslide

I’ve been looking at the towns of Maine from county to county, comparing them according to their November 2009 vote to preserve marriage equality (NO on Ballot Question 1) or to abolish marriage equality (YES on Ballot Question 1). Sometimes, the results have not been heartening. In even the most gay-friendly counties, some towns voted in a majority to abolish the legal rights of gay and lesbian Mainers. In Androscoggin County, every single town voted in an anti-gay majority. But Piscataquis County, Maine marks a new low in its unfriendliness to gay and lesbian people. In every single town of Piscataquis County, voters turned out not just in an anti-gay majority but in an anti-gay landslide of at least 60% to outlaw same-sex marriage equality.

In the map of Piscataquis County you see below, the only variation to see is between yellow parts of the map, where anti-gay landslides were recorded, and white parts of the map, where too few people live to hold voting precincts at all.

November 2009 Vote on Ballot Question 1 in Piscataquis County, Maine, mapped by vote share for each town.

The only gay-friendly parts of Piscataquis County, Maine are the parts that don’t have people in them. As you’re making your travel plans for next summer, you might want to keep that fact in mind.

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