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Revolving Door A Fascinating Resource

For those people who are interested in building an effective awareness of the routes of power in our supposed-to-be-representative government, the Center for Responsive Politics has got a tremendously powerful resource: They call it Revolving Door, reflecting the existence of a metaphorical revolving door that moves people back and forth between positions of power in the corporate world and positions in the government that are supposed to regulate those same corporate positions.

We have good public databases with information about publicly-elected officials, but employees working for those officials often remain out of the immediate public eye. Revolving Door seeks to overcome this problem with a database of information about the revolving door histories of people now working for members of Congress and occupying other key positions in government.

For example, Revolving Door gives information about Adam Eisgrau, who has worked as a counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, for Senator Frank Lautenberg, and for Senator Dianne Feinstein, in addition to launching a career in lobbying as President of his own lobbying firm, Eisgrau Business Alliances. Eisgrau Business Alliances made money by lobbying for companies in the securities and finance sector, including the VISA credit card corporation.

The existence of someone like Adam Eisgrau gives me insights into both the corporate clients he peddles influence for, and the elected officials who have included him as a part of their congressional staff. I look forward to go through the Revolving Door much more. There’s a deep, mysterious dimension to congressional politics in there.

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  1. Tom says:

    i guess my comment was eaten.

    This is (again) evidence of the corporate take-over, here broadly referred to as capitalism corrupting democracy (as it has many other governments).

    Here, give a listen:

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