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More Northern November Gardening

In past years, the end of November has been a time when I have had to content myself with plans for gardening next year, when spring finally comes along. Not this year. Temperatures are so warm, even here in Upstate New York, that my gardening year just keeps on going and going.

This afternoon, I transplanted a peony, some dianthus, perennial poppy, some bee balm, and a whole bunch of foxglove that seeded itself in earlier this summer. The soil is moist but workable, and the plants that I transplanted in October are now actually putting on new growth, rather than turning into dormant twigs.

This is not normal late November weather, and its been going on for weeks now. We may have frosty mornings, but our afternoons are still quite green.

Ironically, this climate change is helping me to fight against climate change. I’m taking the opportunity to extend a new flower bed I created in late August, digging up turf that requires a lawn mower, and putting in strong perennials that can take care of themselves.

2 thoughts on “More Northern November Gardening”

  1. Jim says:

    I’ve been doing something similar today, halfway up Maine, turning the soil to prepare beds for blueberries in the spring.

  2. Gardening says:

    The unpredictable climate changes are killing my plants. Any advice?

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