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Catholic Church Took Out Insurance Policies Against Complaints By Sex Abuse Victims

In California, in Maine, in Washington D.C., the Catholic Church has been spending huge amounts of money to stop people from getting married. The Catholic Church preaches that same-sex couples must not be given the equality under the law that the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America requires. American law must be bent in order to comply with the Catholic view of sexuality, the church says.

The Catholic Church view of sexuality includes taking insurance policies in order to keep the church’s money when children sexually assaulted by priests file lawsuits. That’s what the Catholic Church in Ireland did. The Catholic hierarchy there actually contacted insurance companies to arrange for financial protection from the children its priests forced to perform sex acts.

The Catholic Church’s international sex abuse scandal has included widespread assault by priests here in the United States. So, why does the Catholic Church think that anyone ought to listen to its preaching about proper sexual morality?

2 thoughts on “Catholic Church Took Out Insurance Policies Against Complaints By Sex Abuse Victims”

  1. Tom says:

    i’m astonished to learn that the church went in with the money-lenders because they KNEW this shit was happening! God Inc. can get away with murder.

  2. ramone says:

    didn’t the u.s.goverment just bail out the largest insurance company around(AIG).could it be that u.s.taxpayers are going to end up paying for parish priest perverts in ireland?
    not to worry though, no one is listening to it’s preaching about sexual morality, not even the preachers.

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