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Rooting Results

Back in June, I wrote about an attempt to propagate using rooting hormone and some cuttings my wife took from a cotoneaster bush and a boxwood. This afternoon, I took a second look at the pots of rootings I had left to root through the year.

The results weren’t great. None of the cotoneaster survived. Just four boxwood cuttings survived.

Was the rooting hormone a waste? Not really. It only cost 5 dollars, and I’ve got four boxwood plants – not a bad deal, especially when I consider that I’ve still got a lot of rooting powder left.

Also, upon consideration, I’m thinking that the shady spot I left the pots in might not have been the best selection. I put the cuttings under a dawn redwood tree, a sort of deciduous conifer. It’s a shady spot, which is good for rootings, but it was also a rather dry spot, because the redwood’s needles are extremely dense, layer after layer, and do a very efficient job of screening out both sun and rain. Perhaps a spot underneath a young maple, or on the north side of my barn, would have better.

I’ll be trying those spots out with a similar project next year, and will report the results to you in autumn 2010.

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