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AFA Tea Party T-Shirt? Patriotically Made with Cheap Haitian Labor

The fundamentalist Christian American Family Association is a hairtrigger organization, calling boycotts against companies for the moral outrage of not using the word “Christmas” in advertising, even when, um, they actually do use the word.

The same AFA is calling for Americans to summon up their patriotic fervor to take part in the Tea Party movement that, as it says, is all about reinstating “responsible financial accountability” as a centerpoint of a moral America. Elsewhere, the Tea Party movement summons us to “Protect America” and safeguard American workers. In their puported desire to accomplish this, the American Family Association wants to sell you a t-shirt:

The American Family Association is selling a Join the Tea Party t-shirt for responsible fiscal accountability

I had a hunch about this “patriotic” t-shirt to “protect America” and restore “responsible financial accountability” that safeguards American workers. So I called the American Family Association’s phone number and asked if they knew where that t-shirt was made. “We don’t know that, and we can’t find out from here,” replied the customer service agent to me. To follow up, I ordered that t-shirt at the low, low price of $5.00, including shipping and handling costs.

How can the American Family Association sell that shirt and make itself a little cash at the cost of just $5.00 per shirt? I found out today when I received my shirt:

My AFA Tea Party T-Shirt, Arrived Today in the Mail

Do you see the answer? No? Let’s look a little bit more closely:

American Family Association Tea Party Day T-Shirt: Made in Haiti, Hecho en Haiti, Fabrique en Haiti!

Can you read the “Hecho en Haiti?” More specifically, the shirt’s made by Gildan, the second-largest employer in the nation of Haiti, a company that has been accused of sweatshop labor standards.

Patriotic? Protect America? Safeguard American workers? Responsible financial accountability? Hecho en Haiti!

But what am I saying? Back on message: we’ve got to call a boycott because someone, somewhere doesn’t say the word “Christmas” with the right inflection.

2 thoughts on “AFA Tea Party T-Shirt? Patriotically Made with Cheap Haitian Labor”

  1. Tom says:

    While we’re at it, Christmas decorations on lamp-posts and buildings, side-walk Santas (that collect money for various non-profits etc.), and large pine trees cut and decorated in the town square are being cancelled due to the recession (which resulted in less tax dollars, less money for niceties and extras, municipal lay-offs, downsizing of departments, reduction of business hours, library closings, etc.):

  2. Anonymous says:

    Meghan wade Tyler hi so yes have ya

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