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A Progressive Movement To Oust Right Wing Democrats

2010 is shaping up to be a pivotal year when it comes to the future of the Democratic Party. Ever since Bill Clinton made a mess of the Democratic identity in the 1990s, Democrats have been arguing that, if only their party could get back in power, they’d make everything right, and finally institute a progressive agenda for America. In 2009, however, America has discovered that the Democratic Party isn’t actually a very progressive political party. There are progressives within the party, but in order to regain control of the federal government, Democratic Party leaders have helped so many right wing Democrats gain seats in Congress and positions of influence within the party that progressive priorities are now being thwarted almost as much from within the Democratic Party as from the Republicans.

Progressives are pushing back, preparing for an effort in the 2010 congressional elections to challenge right wing Democratic incumbents with progressive candidates. One of the organizations adding muscle to this struggle is the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

The organization is challenging prominent, right-leaning Democrats in Congress such as Bart Stupak, Ben Nelson, and Max Baucus, setting the groundwork for congressional primary challenges in the years to come. Will their efforts pay off, or have too many progressives already written off the Democratic Party as too conservative and corrupt? Time will tell – keep an eye on the PCCC.

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