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Zach Wamp Supports Public Option Church

In 2010, Republican U.S. Representative Zach Wamp is running for Governor of Tennessee. There will be many issues in the Tennessee election for Governor in due time, but the issue of the week in Wamp’s campaign is the public option.

zach wampYes, Wamp is a Republican, but he supports the public option. No, not the health care public option. Zach Wamp supports a federal government-funded public option church back in Tennessee.

This week, Congressman Wamp reported a spending earmark that he’s slipped into a larger spending bill. The earmark would direct the federal government to spend 14.4 million dollars to build a church on the grounds of the military base Fort Campbell.

Yes, that’s a violation of the separation of church and state, with the Congress taking a clear action to establish religion using money gathered through taxes. That fact, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to bother many voters down in Tennessee. So, let’s speak honestly about this issue in a way that Wamp’s own constituency can understand.

If you don’t like the idea of a government takeover of health care, why would you support a government takeover of churches? Wamp’s earkmark represents an attempt to create a public option church.

Fiscally, Wamp’s extravagant multimillion dollar government church doesn’t make sense. There are already multiple military chapels on Fort Campbell.

What makes Wamp’s spending to create a public option church even more outrageous is that it would compete against a large number of privately-established churches in the area. There are something between 100 and 150 churches within a half-hour drive of Fort Campbell. Wamp’s government-run church will provide unfair government-subsidized competition against those churches, depriving those local churches of membership and the money that membership brings.

If you want socialized churches, then you’ll support Zach Wamp’s earmark for a Big Government public option church on Fort Campbell. If you’re a conservative with any consistency, though, you’ll fight Wamp’s option to deprive the Fort Campbell community of church choice, and work to make sure that he doesn’t have the chance to bring his radical ideas into Tennessee’s state government.

2 thoughts on “Zach Wamp Supports Public Option Church”

  1. Ronald Fields says:

    What is he thinking? Is this the start of a “One World Religion”? leading us in “The New World Order”? I do not know what is in the bottom of his mind (The Lord Does) but I just don’t trust him or his idea… and especially to the tune of $14,400,000 + of tax payer money…. I wonder just how many people we could help with that much money?

  2. Evelyn says:

    This is ridiculous. A Chapel on the grounds of the base doesn’t establish a state-run church; it merely gives a more convenient place of worship for the troops right on the grounds. There’s nothing anywhere that designates it as certain “type” of worship services…. Most houses of worship on any military bases are ecumenical. You guys need to read the Constitution. Our forefathers fought for freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. And NOWHERE in our Constitution does it establish a “separation of church and state.” READ the CONSTITUTION FOR YOURSELVES……. instead of letting OTHERS tell you “what it means.”

    Many founders of the U.S.A. fled from religious persection and tyranny. They wanted the freedom to practice religion as their conscience directed, and the FEDERAL government was prohibited from establishing a “State Religion” to prevent persection of denominations one against the other, or Catholic vs. Protestant, as we saw in England and France. Our Constitution does not even prohibit a State from establishing its own religion……..Did you guys know that?

    We’re getting to a point that people argue that any mention of GOD on a government plot of land is against the law! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT OUR COUNTRY WAS STARTED TO PREVENT! There are OTHER countries that will put you in prison for sharing Christianity, because they outlaw anything but Islam or Buddhism……….There is NO place on earth where a Christian nation imprisons you for preaching Islam, or any other religion. And having a chapel on a military base forces NO ONE to attend it, nor does it deny them the right to drive into town to attend another house of worship of their choice! Give me a break.

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