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Atheist pursues Biblical Law that the Prayer Caucus rejects

Number of passages in the Bible condemning the practice of usury: 5

Percent of members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus who are cosponsors of H.R. 4300, a bill to “amend the Truth in Lending Act to establish a national usury rate for consumer credit card accounts” by capping credit card interest rates at 16%: 1.8%

Percent of avowed atheists in the United States Congress who have cosponsored H.R. 4300: 100%

There’s only one atheist in Congress, Pete Stark, who dares to be open about it. On the issue of usury, that atheist in Congress is more Biblical than anybody in the Congressional Prayer Caucus with the sole exception of North Carolina Republican Walter Jones. When it comes to putting their supposed faith into action, the other 54 members of the Prayer Caucus just don’t give a damn.

One thought on “Atheist pursues Biblical Law that the Prayer Caucus rejects”

  1. ramone says:

    is it only christians who love to have it both ways? the bible is so full of contradictions that there must be some passage that says it’s totally o.k. to bilk your friends out of ungodly interest rates on loans.

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