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Can You Buy Religion To Transcend Materialism?

I was browsing the Baha’i Computer and Communications Association, reading how it uses technology to help its members spread the Baha’i message, when I came across the following statement of religion’s lofty mission of leading us all through the dangers of the material world: “Spirituality is the antidote for materialism and consumerism. All religions teach that human beings are essentially spiritual beings. A spiritual outlook can help us shift the emphasis from consumption to well-being and a meaningful life.”

religious jewelryThis explanation led me to remember: Bergdorf Goodman is selling a luxury miniature Buddha with “gold tone” metal encrusted with “Austrian crystals” for $3,895.00. Nothing says “What Would Jesus Do” like the two-tone gold crucifix being sold for 1,161.30. You can get back in touch with the Eternal Feminine too, with a Goddess pendant from Moonstone Jewelry, featuring a pink tourmaline moon, on sale now for only $627.95, to “make a great addition to your goddess collection”.

Why, if it weren’t for the anti-materialism of religious practice, I might have to go out and spend that money on programs to help people instead of demonstrating my spiritual evolution.

Helping people. That’s soooo material.

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