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Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

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Guantanamo In Lithuania

Is this what Lithuania was liberated from the Soviet Union for – to serve as a site of secret detention camps for the United States outside of human rights laws?

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Mexico City Indundated by the Wrathful Sunshine of God

As in a number of other places, gay marriage was legalized yesterday in Mexico City under enjoyably clement weather (sunny with a high of 62). Reality just isn’t matching up to the claims of one prominent fundamentalist Christian after another prominent fundamentalist Christian after another

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An Old Fashioned Christmas

“Let’s bring back an old-fashioned Christmas”, reads the headline from the Desert Valley Times newspaper editorial this morning. Still, I’m left wanting specifics. Which kind of “old-fashioned Christmas” is the writer talking about? The kind of old-fashioned Christmas that was marked with drunken brawls in

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