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The Money-Driven Life

He stood with the faith-based lows of the 2008 presidential campaign with his fraud of a “cone of silence” for John McCain during a presidential debate. He kicked off the Obama presidency by bringing Barack Obama into a full-body hug with anti-gay evangelism and a blurring of Church and State with his official inaugural prayer.

Now, Rick Warren is ending 2009 with an Oral Roberts flourish, challenging his religious followers to send him nearly a million dollars before midnight tonight. Warren already takes an average of $600,000 dollarts every week from his constituents, but he says that just hasn’t been enough money. Warren says his church is running out of money, but insists it’s not his fault that fewer people are attending his services recently.

What a collection of values: Dishonesty, bigotry, greed, waste, and an inability to accept responsibility. If those are the elements of his “Purpose-Drive Life”, I can understand why attendance at his Saddleback Church is dwindling as of late.

5 thoughts on “The Money-Driven Life”

  1. Really? says:

    His letter talks of 10% unemployment in the church and the churches helping them. They dont want to turn anyone away. Way to twist the letter…

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Yes, really. The letter doesn’t talk about all the money that the church has spent on campaigns to deny marriage equality to same-sex couples. They’re sacrificing services to the homeless in order to pay for anti-gay bigotry. Way to deny the obvious…

  2. jon says:

    I don’t see whay you would have a problem with your depiction of Warren’s activities, the progressives are running the same game at a Federal level. The one difference is that Warren does not have the power to impose taxes on the general population. Under the progressive ‘s religious opression taxes can,will, and are raised on the general population to further your visions of an earthly utopia. Warren is a pike compared to the progressive movment. Maybe you could give him some of your methodology in wealth redistribution. You call the Right extremists…By the sheer volume of social destruction wrought by lefties the Right is left in the dust.

  3. Tom says:

    jon – you are so full of shit. Your “Right” sided comments are complete nonsense as evidenced by the Bush administrations complete whoring of the government for Halliburton, Blackwater, and the military industrial companies that benefit from war – which they LIED to us about to foment the on-going Iraq debacle (and continue to call for the bombing of Iran, Yemen, etc). Yeah, transferring untold trillions of dollars to corporate America is okay by you, but health care for all is “socialism”. Fuck off you partisan hack.

    i’m disappointed in ALL of politics – both sides now work for the corporate sector, voting doesn’t change a goddamn thing and you and i don’t count for shit. Get used to it.

  4. jon says:

    You know Tom, sadly I agree with your last statement though I would disagree about who is calling the shots. But I agree that goverment is drifting out of our hands. and thats why it is more dangerous than a church asking for money. They have the choice not to support it, WE ARE TAXED.

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