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Multiple Organizations Crowd Out the Unity 2012 Name

From the spring of 2007 to January of 2008, Unity08 declared itself to be a grassroots movement dedicated to bringing the American people together, taking big money out of politics and solving America’s problems by electing its own presidential ticket consisting of one Republican and one Democrat, running together. At the same time, Unity08 dedicated a great amount of effort to stacking its board with lobbyists and their families, collecting gigantic no-interest loans from undisclosed contributors, suing the FEC so it could grab even larger campaign contributions from insiders, contacting various Republicans to run for President on its ticket, and kicking citizens off its supposedly open forum when they began to ask questions.

In short, Unity08 inadvertently provided some of the best entertainment of the early 2008 election season. As the vague rumblings of a 2012 presidential election season begin to be heard, will we be treated to another round of political fun via Unity2012? All signs point to the answer “No.” Any effort to inaugurate Unity2012 will be met by the reality of pre-existing organizations. There’s the National Association of Black Journalists, holding its upcoming “Unity 2012” conference in Orlando, Florida. There’s the organization of New Age lightworkers. Unity 2012 is also the name of a youth conference for the Ukrainian Catholic Church being held in Winnipeg, Canada. Heck, there’s Emmanuel Guerra‘s myspace page. Working with a slightly different name, over in the UK Unity12 is an organization assisting disabled people with challenges related to independent living.

I see no indication on the World Wide Web that the organizers of Unity08 (the website of which is now a blatant advertisement for its creator, the Republican-leaning Peak Media public relations corporation) have started up any 2012-related group. Why do we have to wait for them to get the ball rolling on exactly the same sort of effort for 2012? Let’s start an American Unity12 group ourselves: a more honest version of what Unity08 tried to accomplish on the sly.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Organizations Crowd Out the Unity 2012 Name”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    Oooh, Jim – do we have a list of the organizers of Unity08? I’d love to research a where are they now series of articles.

  2. Melon Hilby says:

    Why, this is just the sort of thing that could bring people together, at Washington D.C. insider parties where politicians and lobbyists trade favors for money!

  3. Tom says:

    i’m with Melon on this one – any group like this will be co-opted by the big money interests if they get to the point where they are actually viable. Otherwise they’ll be shut-out of the race via the media (see Nader), swift boaters (see big money special interest groups and Kerry) and the like.

    Until corporations are dis-allowed from the process of government it won’t matter who is elected to what position therein. The result will be the same influence by big-money special interests and Congresspeople turned lobbyists writing their bills or having the ear of the president while ordinary non-connected citizens are ignored.

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