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When You Go Back to Work Tomorrow, Congress Will Be…

…out of session. Both the House and Senate will fail to reconvene tomorrow. It’s not like there are any problems that need solving right away, right?

We shouldn’t assume that Representatives and Senators won’t be busy this week, however. Special meetings in which members of Congress listen to big money donors are popular at this time of year. And hey, why not do it in a ski lodge? As we pointed out last week, Ed Whitfield of Kentucky will be hosting a special ski-with-Ed slope day out West for lobbyists who’ve give him some cash. But Rep. Whitfield isn’t alone. Senator Bob Bennett throws his own gimme-money-ski-with-me winter celebration on January 8, the same day Rep. Diana Degette hosts her own pay-me ski day on the slopes.

This news comes courtesy of Political Party Time, a non-profit effort of the Sunshine Foundation that’s developing sources willing to share the details of these decidedly private, non-publicized events. Looking back at 2009, Political Party Time shares the following information about the lobbyists who most often are tossing cash parties for our members of Congress:

Most generous hosts. The lobbyists whose names appear most often on our invitations as hosts are: 1. Dan Gans, Polaris Government Relations, with 29; 2. Jocelyn Hong (Twenty-First Century Group), with 22; 3. Tim Rupli, (Timothy R. Rupli & Associates) with 19 (Also check out all the party’s at Rupli’s Capitol Hill townhouse.); 4. Tony Podesta (Podesta Group), with 14; and Louis Dupart (Normandy Group), with 14.

One thought on “When You Go Back to Work Tomorrow, Congress Will Be…”

  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, and they’ll have the best health care ON US!

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