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Buddha Checks His Cell Phone

Admit it: When see the images of the Buddha sitting there in meditative bliss, contentedly gazing down at his hands in his lap, it’s occurred to you that he’s in exactly the same pose that people use when checking their cell phones. Buddha looks like he should be holding a small wireless device.

Don’t let the lord of compassion down. Text here now.

Bring Buddha the kind of enlightenment he was really looking for. Get Mr. Gautama a smart phone. Nirvana is so 2G!

Just don’t let him call from the karma. That’s now illegal in many states.

2 thoughts on “Buddha Checks His Cell Phone”

  1. don says:

    that is very funny bro. very very funny.


  2. ramone says:

    i get it. KARma! now that’s funny.

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