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Portugal Will Grant Equality New Jersey Won’t

Yesterday’s vote against marriage equality in New Jersey fits the right wing narrative of a comprehensive end to the advance of marriage rights for same-sex couples. Legislation passed in Portugal today ruins that story, however. The Portuguese Parliament approved the legalization of same-sex marriage, further expanding the number of places in the world that acknowledge homosexual marriage as a legitimate part of the spectrum of human relationships.

The argument that same-sex marriage is a weird, fringe idea just doesn’t hold up to the fact that local and national governments around the world are granting legal recognition to the partnerships. In spite of right wing religious predictions, social disintegration does not result.

Instead, the religious outrage at the legalization of same-sex marriage seems to be an expression of irritation at a disintegration that’s already taken place: The disintegration of centralized authority in backwards religious organizations. The majority of Portuguese citizens identify themselves as Catholic, but the majority of Portuguese citizens also support marriage equality for all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Portuguese position is in clear defiance of the teachings of the Catholic Church’s leadership. It is understandably bothersome to the leaders of the Catholic Church to come to the realization that they are not actually leading Catholics any more.

Independent thinking – they had better get used to it.

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