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Join The Sharks

Just a few hours ago down in Florida, Oceanic Defense joined with other organizations to hold a shark conservation party, an event they’re hoping to hold every year. Proceeds from the party go to efforts to discourage the consumption of shark fin soup.

Oceanic Defense keeps its shark conservation efforts going throughout the year, of course. Part of the group’s shark activism is its Shark-Free Marina Initiative. At first consideration, the initiative seems to make no sense. Why would a conservation organization seek to rid marinas of sharks?

Look into the initiative, however, and it begins to make more sense. The Shark-Free Marina project has to do with sport fishing. A certain sort of person loves to find some sense of worth by hauling in truly big fish – never minding that it’s those fish that are providing new generations for their species. These aren’t Old Man and the Sea fishermen who are just trying to make ends meet, either. They’re the marine equivalent of hunters who seek out great big silverback gorillas to kill, just for the sake of a trophy in the den.

So, Oceanic Defense is seeking to get marinas to agree that they won’t allow boats carrying sharks to dock. Make it difficult for shark fishing boats to dock, and there will be less shark fishing going on.

At least, there will be less shark killing going on. There are catch-and-release shark fishing programs out there. So, instead of hunting and killing endangered animals, people can now hunt and exhaust endangered animals. It’s not perfect, but it is an improvement.

One thought on “Join The Sharks”

  1. Rachael says:

    I am a regional associate for the SFMI in LA. We have a plan for 10 marinas in 2010!

    Save the sharks!

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