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FBI Made Up Terrorist Plots To Spy On Our Telephone Calls

Around the same time the U.S. federal government was beginning its massive electronic dragnet of Americans’ private telephone calls and other communications without seeking any form of search warrant at all, the FBI was knowingly providing false information in seeking other telephone records. In order to justify seizing records of people’s telephone calls within the United States, the FBI simply invented stories of terrorist plots that never existed at all.

Because of the paranoid culture of Homeland Security, no one in the government sought verification that the FBI’s claims of imminent terrorist attack were true. The lies about made up emergencies were only discovered by Washington Post reporters sifting through FBI memos.

The FBI asserts that these made up stories of fake terrorist plots were merely technical violations of the law, given that the bureau asserts the right to seize records of any telephone call at any time without any justification. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution states otherwise, requiring proof of probable cause, but then, the Constitution is out of vogue in federal government circles these days.

The FBI also states that its fraudulent searches through telephone records only took place a couple of thousand times. But then again, the FBI once claimed that there were no fake, illegal searches through Americans’ telephone records at all.

The FBI lied about these searches once. How can the American people believe that they are not lying all over again?

The very people at the FBI who were supposed to be protecting Americans’ constitutional freedoms were helping to violate the law and disregard the Constitution. No internal report from any FBI inspector general can be trusted.

The time is long overdue for a fully public investigation into the extent of illegal spying against the American people by the federal government – an investigation undertaken by Congress along with the appointment of a special prosecutor who is fully independent of the Department of Justice.

5 thoughts on “FBI Made Up Terrorist Plots To Spy On Our Telephone Calls”

  1. Tom says:

    Our “justice” department, like the rest of the corrupted government (including many “watchdog” agencies) is in serious need of an overhaul to bring it back in line with the Constitution. i listened to an old MLK speech yesterday where he said back in 1967 that America had an underlying problem of a moral nature which would lead to the death of our spirit. Well, here we are, 43 years later and well down that road to becoming a failed state, having to resort to ever more violence and illegal activity to keep the unsustainable status quo in place. It’s becoming ever more clear now that America is on its way out. Exactly parallel to our environmental commitment, without a massive turn-around (one that i thought Obama would lead), a re-ordering of our priorities, a cleansing of the corruption (of capitalism), and a renewed spirit of not only peace and understanding, but also of social and political change in attitude and direction this once great country will cease to exist in any recognizable form.

  2. Jim says:

    ONLY a few thousand times, the liars claim?

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Yeah, that was written with me rolling my eyes.

  3. dennis says:

    he oklaholma explosion and waco was done by the fbi timothy mcvay was muredered by the fbi its time we get a well polished highly skilled patriot unit like the old ninja and either except their adolph hitler mentality or eliminate the whole group even the world trade center they were involved in

  4. Frustrated American says:

    The FBI is an extremely duplicitous organization that masquerades as a federal police force. The FBI’s doctrine is criminal, as are most of the agents it hires.

    The Bureau has been a cancer on the United States Constitution and the American people’s civil liberties since it was created as the Bureau of Investigation in 1908.

    Moreover, under the Nazi minded J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI would eventually become an Americanized version of Adolph Hitler’s Gestapo.

    In post 9-11 America, the FBI has been using the Draconian Patriot Act in which to further encroach upon the freedom of the American citizenry, and must be abolished by our elected representatives.

    America has become a police state under this Gestapo, where the FBI now usurps the U.S. Judicial system which circumventing the right to due process of law that each American citizen has a right to.

    The FBI has never been granted a legislative charter which would be used to set guidelines for what the Bureau can and can’t do. Moreover, the FBI was created under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, rather than the Judicial Branch (which enforces the United States Criminal Code), because the FBI does not enforce the USCC, but instead is used as a political pawn of whichever Zionist controlled presidential administration is in the White House at any given time.

    This makes the FBI completely useless as a legitimate law enforcement organization and an abject fraud as anything but an upper echelon and well financed crime syndicate.

    Frustrated American

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