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Will FBI Coverup Chief Robert Mueller Resign? Will Obama Condone Government Lies?

FBI Chief Robert Mueller About Law-Breaking FBI Lies and Said Nothing.  Will Muelller Resign, or Will Barack Obama Reward a Coverup?In order to grab domestic records of phone calls made within the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation lied, simply making up terrorist threats that did not actually exist. The Fourth Amendment to the United States of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that the government cannot accomplish searches or seizures without a warrant and an affirmation of probable cause. The FBI did not use warrants. The FBI lied in order to create the fictitious appearance of probable cause. The FBI violated the supreme law of the land — not once, not twice, not a dozen times, not a hundred times, but thousands of times.

What’s more, it turns out that FBI Director Robert Mueller has known of the FBI practice of lies and illegality for more than three years. Did Mueller reveal the lawbreaking at his FBI to the public and to the Congress? No: it took a newspaper investigation to uncover these illegal activities. That’s a coverup.

Will FBI Robert Mueller resign for his three-year-long coverup of illegal domestic searches and seizures? Will President Barack Obama demand his resignation for covering up illegal conduct? Or will Barack Obama condone government lies and abuse of power? Will President Obama keep Mueller in place, rewarding the practice of deceit and coverup?

One thought on “Will FBI Coverup Chief Robert Mueller Resign? Will Obama Condone Government Lies?”

  1. Mr. Grosse Wiener says:

    Der FBI Direktor will get away with what they have done from their inception in 1907. That is when Attorney General Charles Bonaparte, not being dissuaded from creating the FBI by the most indignant responses from congressional leaers, simply created it anyway during their August 1907 summer recess. Nobody wanted to appear soft on crime upon their return, so in the face of gutless sell-outs, the agency was unleashed upon the American people. One of Congress’ first discoveries was that, contrary to the most solemn promises give, Mr. Bonaparte squirreled away investigative documents on members of Congress in a private safe. Even the chairman of the House Judiciary committee during the 1990’s labeled the FBI “a sordid and dangerous organisation”. Maybe someone should fill in your readers about their collusion with the Hollwood film industry (and TV). Some exmaples are Nicholas Cage’s “The Weatherman”, lifted straightaay from the FBI’s illegal mail interepts for Weather Underground founder Mrk Rudd’s mail, and “Me, You & Dupre”, lifted right from the FBI’s investigaton of former New York Governor Elio Spitzer and his lady-in-waiting, Ms. Dupree. This is true, and there’s so very much more. It’s called a national agenda and could actually be labeled a global agenda. The things you thought you knew.

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