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With an Income of $0 in 2009, How did Unity08 Pay for These Digs?

Unity08, the corporation set up with the intention of getting its own presidential ticket elected with unlimited big-money donations, insists that it is not dead. It’s arguing in federal court that, with a planned name change to Unity12 (sorry, the name’s taken) and big contributions from the richest Americans, it can successfully get its pick installed in the most powerful position on the planet.

While it was arguing this position in federal court in 2009, Unity08 reported an income of $0.00 to the IRS. How did Unity08 pay its lawyers with an income of $0.00? In those reports to the IRS, Unity08 listed its office as 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. Here’s the location of 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC:

Unity08 Headquarters, right next to the White House, paid for in 2009 with a reported income of $0.00

What’s the trick for paying the rent when your headquarters is right around the corner from the White House and your income is $0.00?

2 thoughts on “With an Income of $0 in 2009, How did Unity08 Pay for These Digs?”

  1. Horatio says:

    Oh, that one’s easy. Lobbyists pay the rent for the lucrative property ( ), and let you operate out of the address for free.

  2. qs says:

    Jim, I’ve been waiting for you to post about Ron Paul opposing that Haiti bill, but you never did so I was ready to post in his own words his defense:

    Ron Paul addresses his vote against the Haiti resolution that was 432-1 in an hour long speech to the Mises Institute. He says that actual bill was about the right to occupy Haiti forever and start a new bases overseas.

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