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USA Badly Prepared For Threats That Aren’t That Big

It’s another day in the Homeland States of America, and so your faithful public servants are bringing you yet another reason to be afraid that evildoers are coming to get you. The Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation, which includes hawkish former members of the United States Senate, has issued a report declaring that “The Commission agrees and believes that the U.S. government needs to move more aggressively to reduce the threat of bioterrorism.” The Commission therefore gives the federal government a grade of F for its efforts to “Enhance the nation’s capabilities for rapid response to prevent biological attacks from inflicting mass casualties.”

The Commission’s Executive Director Randy Larsen says that the failure of the government to provide H1N1 vaccine to everyone who wanted it as soon as they wanted it this year is proof that the USA is not adequately prepared for a bioterrorist attack.

We all know what happened because of the lack of preparedness for the swine flu, don’t we? We got a normal flu year, and if we allow that to happen again, well, things would still be normal.

But seriously, we all remember what happened in 2001, with the anthrax attacks, right? Um, do you remember, don’t you? The attacks apparently came from within the United States, as a form of protest against lack of bioterrorist readiness.

Okay, but that’s not the point, right? The point is that we must never allow that to happen again, because five people died from anthrax infections! Of course, between 50 and 100 Americans die every year from the chicken pox.

The fact is that there has never been a serious biological terrorist attack against the United States, ever. There’s also no credible, specific information that any such attacks are being planned by anybody in particular. Yet, the federal government is spending more than six billion dollars this year in efforts to prevent bioterrorist attacks.

Still, Larsen complains, there is no one in the federal government who is taking the lead in preventing bioterrorism. Well, there’s the Department of Homeland Security, of course. There’s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention too. Also, the Department of Health and Human Services. But, you know… besides them.

5 thoughts on “USA Badly Prepared For Threats That Aren’t That Big”

  1. Jim says:

    Hm. Who else is on that commission? Why, it’s Wendy Sherman, who is part of an astroturf effort to dominate the airwaves and sell the message of bigger defense contracts for corporations. Isn’t it funny how these li’l lobbying efforts intersect?

  2. ramone says:

    what would happen if we did nothing to deter bio-terrorist threats? what would happen if we turned the other cheek towards airline hijackings? what would happen if we let suicide bombers get away with murder(well,not really, they already killed themselves)? aside from many innocent people being injured or killed (bad things happen to people every day, we all will die and we all will lose loved ones). it’s been pointed out that these numbers would be statisically small in comparison to the large amount of taxpayer dollars spent on a sense of false security. so, what would happen if we just said no to terror? could it be possible that world wide public opinion would turn radically against these inhumane acts of violence? how many buildings bombed, how many anthrax envolopes, how many underpants set on fire, how many young men are not greeted by seventy-some virgins before the world shuns terror? i’m sure there would be ample blood shed, but, i believe there would be a tipping point where their message/statement would be lost in the reality of their abhorrent behavior. the cost is great. intimidation is hard to avoid, especially in our fear mongering, media driven culture. we can be intimidated into badly preparing for threats that aren’t that big or we can show fortitude and resolve and let the mad men show themselves for what they really are. either way the cost is great. i’m thinking of a song lyric from an eighties girl band that is on the tip of my tongue, i just can’t spit it out right now. but, the lyric somes up my message to would be terrorists: hit me with your best shot- fire away!

  3. ramone says:

    well, not me personally. i’m speaking figuratively, i don’t want would be terrorists to seek me out individually. if you can catch me in the airport, on a plane, in a crowded market, driving a supply truck, in a federal building, etc., then no holds barred. i’ll take my chances. what are they? 1 out of 999999999.99999? yeah, i’ll go with those odds.

    pat benatar! i knew i’d remember. alzhiemers is a dreaded disease.

  4. Hendrix says:

    There must be a quite a big supply of H1N1 vaccine now. At least 2 Wal-marts in the Memphis, TN area were giving out free immunizations on Monday and Tuesday. But of course the flu is not bio-terrorism.

    1. Jim says:

      That’s what They want you to think.

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