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Child Trafficking Baptists in Haiti?

First their nation was reduced to ruin by an earthquake. Now, we’re taking their children.

When you think about the story, try considering it from a Haitian point of view: Right after the big one wrecks the country, a prominent Christian preacher condemned non-Christians in Haiti for making a pact with a devil, and suggested that the nation deserved the earthquake for rejecting Jesus. Then, a group of 10 Christians are caught trying to take a large group of Haitian children out of the country, to be “adopted” and raised as Christians in the United States – in spite of the fact that many of the children tell authorities that their parents are very much alive.

The first reaction many people have upon hearing the story is that there must have just been a misunderstanding, because the 10 Americans trying to take that group of Haitian children across the border were from a Baptist church group – conducting an act of charity. The ugly truth, however, is that these wouldn’t be the first Baptists who attempted to engage in child trafficking. For many years, Baptists took part in the slave trade, and many regarded bringing Africans, in chains, to their Christian territory as an act of charity that could save their souls.

Haiti became an independent nation because of a revolution there by enslaved people of African descent. For people from the United States to come and snatch up children from Haiti is a profound insult to the nation.

If we fear for the well-being of genuine Haitian orphans, and not just a group of kids that a church group out of its depth thinks would be better off in the Bible Belt of the USA, then we can send our support through solid organizations, such as Oxfam, which are helping to rebuild Haitian infrastructure, so that Haitian families can adopt the Haitian children which have truly been orphaned.

Let the Haitians remain Haitians. It’s true, you don’t get a new child as a pet, as a trophy to show your great white charity, but it’s better for the children, and for the nation of Haiti.

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