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Homeland Security Didn’t Stop Anti-Government Terrorist

Take this idea with you to a tea party: We’ve got a super-huge government spy network that collects Americans’ personal communications and has the power to search their homes and offices without a search warrant or notification. We’ve got two wars being fought in the name of anti-terrorism. We’ve got religious, political and ethnic profiling. We’ve got new walls along our borders, reminiscent of Communist-era structures. We’ve got ever-increasing airport paranoia, so that now our hands are being swabbed.

And what did all that do to stop today’s terrorist attack? Absolutely nothing.

Joseph Andrew Stack, an anti-government, anti-IRS, anti-tax personality who would have blended in well at Tea Party protests, intentionally flew his airplane into an office building in Austin that contained an IRS office.

What’s the point of all this Homeland Security stuff, when it doesn’t even protect people from terrorist attacks like this?

7 comments to Homeland Security Didn’t Stop Anti-Government Terrorist

  • Tom

    They’ll just use it to make living here even more inconvenient and meddlesome than it already is. Goons don’t know any other way to react and neither do their paranoid, chicken-shit, anti-privacy agencies.

  • Turns out the guy is a crazed leftist Obama nut. Homeland security has been focus on everyone from the center to the right. I wonder if this creep and Ms. Bishop are on the watch lists.

  • qs

    Has this guy said he’s a conservative?

    Maybe he was a radical Dem.

  • The guy railed against Christianity and Bush, quoted the Communist manifesto, and word on the street via interviews with family members is that he “voted for Obama”.

    Even if he didn’t vote for Obama, the guy clearly is not a conservative.

  • Jim

    qs and Bill are the only people here who are saying he’s a conservative. After reading his anti-tax, anti-government, anti-regulation, anti-centralization of power screed, he seems more libertarian to me than anything else.

  • If he is libertarian, he’s a social libertarian.

    This man was no conservative and probably found few friends in the tea party movement.

    Anarchists are often blamed to be right wingers because of their anti-government stance, but there are also a large amount of anti-capitalist socialists involved in that movement.

    The guy, in my opinion, was a lone nut (no co-conspirators) with communist-leanings and shared more in common with those who violently protest outside G8 conferences than any other politically motivated people. Those people either vote socialist, communist, or democrat.

    There is a big difference between a tea party rally and an anti G8 protest rally. Tea party supporters are very pro-capitalist. The anti-g8 anarchist groups are not. Tea party activists rarely engage in violence. Anti-g8 protest rallys almost always result in violence.

    Please note how the media is acting in this situation. An anti-tax nut slams his plane into an IRS building and they immediately start making references to the anti-tax tea party. Once it is discovered that Mr. Stark voted for Obama (most likely), didn’t mention him at all in his rant, bashed Bush, bashed religion, quoted the communist manifesto, etc. you won’t hear anything about his “political leanings” from MSM sources. Take a poll down the road and a lot of people will think that this clown was an active tea party participant. I think some in the media like wielding that kind of influence.

    Personally, I wish they’d never mention anything to begin with. 90% of America hasn’t a clue what being left or right, conservative or liberal, green/democrat/republican/socialist/communist/independent really means anwyay.

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