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We’re At Risk!

“The lack of adequate border security puts all of us at risk of another terrorist attack on the United States.” – Republican congressional candidate Tim Burns, running to replace deceased U.S. Representative John Murtha.

What’s adequate border security is a matter of subjective judgment. Burns doesn’t bother to define what kind of border security he believes would be adequate, leaving us with an ambiguous impression that border security just isn’t good enough.

However, it is true that the present state of border security does put people at risk of a terrorist attack. It’s just that the risk is very, very, very low. Republicans like Tim Burns have been complaining for years that border security is inadequate, but how many people have been killed by terrorists crossing U.S. borders during that time?

Every time I get a paper cut on my hands, I’m at risk of dying from an infection that progresses to gangrene. I don’t respond, however, by taking a constant regimen of antibiotics, just in case I get a paper cut. My body’s semi-open borders put me at risk, but I’m okay with that.

Our nation’s borders are in much the same shape.

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