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No Evidence Of Army Arab Poison Plot

Fox News is writing about, in excited tones, an investigation taking place at a U.S. Army Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. According to Fox, there’s been an investigation going on for almost two months now, exploring allegations that a group of 5 soldiers enrolled in an Arabic translation program at the base were planning on poisoning the base’s food supply, killing or injuring huge numbers of American soldiers and civilian employees of the military. The accused soldiers all speak Arabic as their first language.

Five Arabs planned on poisoning an entire U.S. Army base? No.

Five American soldiers who speak Arabic have been accused of forming such a plot. Accused by who? The names of the accusers are not being shared with the public.

The Fox News story is meant to create the impression that the poisoning plot was discovered to actually have existed. In fact, just the opposite is true: The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division examining the allegations has found that “there is no credible information to support them”.

In spite of the lack of any credible evidence to support allegations of a massive poisoning plot, headlines like the following are appearing across the USA:

New York Post: Arab ‘plot’ eyed at SC Army base
The Palmetto Scoop: 5 soldiers allegedly arrested in Fort Jackson poison plot
Straits Times: 5 arrested over poison plot
WLTX: Investigation of Possible Poison Plot at Ft. Jackson
The State: Army probes allegations of poison at SC base
RenewAmerica: Muslims in the military: Five Muslims arrested for trying to poison food
South Carolina News: Muslim soldiers arrested in South Carolina
FITS News: Report: Muslim Soldiers Tried Poisoning Fort’s Food Supply

4 thoughts on “No Evidence Of Army Arab Poison Plot”

    1. Jim says:

      Well, the anthrax attacker is not ay-rab so we’re not really going to nail that one down, are we? And did you notice how quickly the non ay-rab Joe Stack terrorist attack has been pushed down in the news? Neither one of these attacks fits the narrative, so it doesn’t fit to print much about it.

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        Oh, and that professor down in Alabama, since she’s not Muslim, we don’t accuse her of having terrorist motives either, do we?

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s some fun reading about the long history of torture by the CIA and, incidently, the fact that there were people who KNEW who the assassins were that killed JFK:

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