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House Moves for Surveillance Hearings; Senate Moves for More Surveillance

It’s been more than a month since it was revealed that the FBI:

1. Broke the law,
2. Violated the constitution and
3. Lied in order to
4. Obtain Americans’ phone records
5. Without a warrant, in order to
6. Find and stop the source of embarrassing leaks to the media.

In the House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers has organized a hearing on the matter to be held this upcoming Wednesday at 3 pm. Pay close attention to what questions are asked, who asks them, what is revealed and what is concealed.

In the Senate, Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy has neither held nor scheduled any hearings on the this surveillance scandal. The only action in the Senate in the wake of the revelation of widespread illegal FBI surveillance has been the move by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to shove reauthorization of Patriot Act surveillance provisions into an unrelated jobs bill. Instead of carrying out oversight of government surveillance, Democrats in the Senate are carrying water for a surveillance-happy president. Is that the Change you voted for in 2008?

One thought on “House Moves for Surveillance Hearings; Senate Moves for More Surveillance”

  1. Tom says:

    “Nothing to see here, move along . . . go about your business, people, come-on, we’ll clean this up, keep moving . . .Let us do our jobs of protecting you here while you stay out of the way . . . okay now go on home and relax, everything’s fine . . .”

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