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Yoo and Bybee Can Dish Out Torture But they Can’t Take… Nothing

The Obama administration has decided that John Yoo and Jay Bybee, the Bush administration lawyers who wrote George W. Bush cover letters telling him there was no problem with America torturing its detainees, will get off scot-free from criminal charges for the felony offense of conspiracy to commit torture. They won’t be taken to civil court either. Heck, the U.S. government won’t even forward on their names to the Bar Association for consideration of professional sanctions against the two. For their role in the consummated government conspiracy to commit torture, Yoo and Bybee will get off scot free with no criminal, civil or professional punishment whatsoever.

Their reaction? Proclamations that they have been treated shabbily. “No public servant should have to endure the type of relentless, misinformed attacks that have been directed at Judge Bybee,” said Bybee’s attorney and spokeswoman. “The only thing that warrants an ethical investigation out of this entire sorry business is the number of malicious allegations against Professor Yoo and Judge Bybee,” said Yoo’s attorney and spokesman.

You know, when one has acted to unleash the massive bureaucratic machinery of the government to torture people, drowning just one man 183 times, perhaps one would have more class than to trot out one’s attorney to complain about shabbily one has been treated.

Actually, no. I take that back. That’s exactly the sort of behavior we should expect.

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  1. Tom says:

    Here’s some more non-news, while the beat(down) goes on:

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