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Only Christian Worship Is Okay, Says Congress

Congress has, in spite of the First Amendment ban on such establishment of religion, set up government-funded offices for Christian-only chaplains, in both the House and Senate. Those chaplains get up and give speeches that mix religion and political themes at the beginning of every day, or appoint other religious officials to give the speeches for them. Yesterday in the House of Representatives, Christian preacher Alan Keiran of Dunamis International Ministries was invited to give the speech in the House of Representatives.

Keiran began by making it clear that only the Christian God is worthy of religious worship: “Lord God, we extol Your great name, for You alone deserve our worship and unwavering allegiance.” In case anyone made the mistake of thinking that Judaism or Islam, or other theistic religions, would be acceptable, Keiran let it be known that he was speaking directly to the Christian God, the father of Jesus: “We thank You as well for Your ultimate sacrifice which brings us hope for bright tomorrows.”

The taxpayer funding of the office of the House Chaplain is justified by the claim that the Congress runs more smoothly because of the guidance given by the Chaplain and the guest preachers. The House of Representatives is not a Christian organization, however. It contains Christians, yes, but it also contains Muslims, religiously observant Jews, Buddhists, one member who openly refutes belief in gods, and others who simply don’t discuss whether they’re religious or not. Given the very diverse nature of the House of Representatives, how is it helpful to have a preacher come and declare that the beliefs of large numbers of U.S. Representatives about religion are unworthy?

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