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Watch The House Hearing (NOT) on Illegal FBI Surveillance… If You Can

Here’s a reminder that at 3:00 pm today, the House Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security will be holding a hearing on recent revelations that the FBI lied, violated the constitution and broke the law to engage in warrantless surveillance of Americans’ communications, all on an expedition to find the source of politically embarrassing leaks. I encourage you to watch the hearing…

… if you can. The hearing won’t be aired on C-Span: its channels will be occupied by a day-long hearing in which representatives flog Toyota for having problems with its gas pedals. Civil liberties are second-rate, not worthy of airtime. Nominally, the House Judiciary Committee features “webcasts” of its hearings so that you can watch what’s going on and exercise your own role of citizen oversight. Practically speaking, these webcasts have become unavailable, with live webcasts only functioning for the committee some of the time and delays of over a week in making archived webcasts available for review.

Try this link and this link to see whether the Congress’ IT department has managed to get its act together by 3:00 pm today.

UPDATE: five minutes after the hearing was scheduled to begin, the webcast came on in the middle of subcommittee chair Bobby Scott‘s declaration that the hearing would NOT touch the most recent and explosive Inspector General’s report on illegal warrantless surveillance by the FBI. Instead, the hearing would discuss matters regarding the FBI’s intelligence work against gangs, to investigate the spread of explosives and to work with foreign language translation.

To date, then, there is NO hearing scheduled in either the House or the Senate to confront the FBI’s illegal activities against the American people.

6 thoughts on “Watch The House Hearing (NOT) on Illegal FBI Surveillance… If You Can”

  1. Jim says:

    In this case, Tom, literally broken: as a postscript, try clicking the second link and then following the links provided on each of the witnesses’ names. The links are broken, leading to missing documents.

  2. Jim says:

    3:00 sharp, and none of the links for the “live webcast” or for prepared witness statements are functioning.

    … OK, at 3:05 the webcast is finally starting. Phew.

  3. Tom says:

    i haven’t gotten anywhere with this (but i’m not an IT guru). Hopefully it’ll be archived somewhere on the web after the event.

  4. Jim says:

    Sheesh. This is disappointing. The hearing has begun, and it appears that the Inspector General reports being referred to have been limited to those that are NOT related to the FBI’s illegal surveillance activities. Instead, the hearing will focus on coordination with translation services and the ATF.

    What will it take for Congress to hold a hearing on the FBI’s lawbreaking surveillance activities?

  5. Tom says:

    Disfunctional, unresponsive, corporate hi-jacked, police-state government.

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