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Political Donation: Electronic Frontier Foundation

When you buy one of our sweatshop-free t-shirts, you do more than spread a progressive political message across your chest. For every shirt we sell, we pledge to donate $1 to a progressive political cause right here in the USA.

This past week, we’ve seen the Senate hide behind a voice vote to pass a Patriot Act reauthorization. We’ve seen the House cloak its own vote for the Patriot Act in the guise of Medicare regulation. We’ve seen the President sign this Patriot Act reauthorization into law without comment, engaging in conduct that he condemned as a Senator. The White House, the Senate and the House are controlled by the Democratic Party. Do you think we ought to issue a donation to the Democrats?

Heck, no, we’re not doing that. Instead, we’re donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation this time around. While the Democrats have been railing against the Patriot Act in their fundraising letters and preserving it in their votes, the EFF has been consistently opposing the Patriot Act and its regime of warrantless surveillance for years. Their opposition is not limited to outraged statements, but includes congressional testimony, data banking, Freedom Of Information Act requests, and lawsuits that have successfully forced the government into revealing the extent of its unconstitutional and often illegal activities. When you find out about the latest government scheme to spy on you and other law-abiding Americans, chances are good that the EFF played a significant role in dragging the truth into the light of day.

If you’ve got few dollars to spare, consider making your own donation to the EFF. Unlike the politicians in downtown DC, these folks don’t break their pledge to fight for your constitutional rights.

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