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White House Shoves Obama’s Patriot Act Signature Under the Carpet

Barack Obama’s signature on the Patriot Act reauthorization bill? Not talked about in his weekly address. Not featured in his remarks of the day. Not worthy of a post on the official White House blog. Not occasioned by a White House statement. There was an official statement to declare the release of the president’s medical exam.

The nation can breathe a sigh of relief that its leader is well aside from a grinding kneecap. Next to Mr. President’s colorectal health the spread of warrantless surveillance doesn’t really merit a mention.

One thought on “White House Shoves Obama’s Patriot Act Signature Under the Carpet”

  1. Hari Michaelson says:

    fucking wrong. obviously this is proof that the government knows what it is doing is unconstitutional and WRONG. fucking bald-faced liars.

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