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D.C. Marriage Equality Tomorrow!

Right wing religious groups are extremely eager to tell anyone who will listen that their god, an all-powerful supernatural being, does not approve of same-sex marriage. But then, if this god is truly omnipotent, and really doesn’t want same-sex couples to get married, why doesn’t he just stop it from taking place?

The old stories say this god could strike people dead, destroy entire cities, and drown the whole world without breaking a sweat. So, why isn’t this god able to stand up to the Washington D.C. City Council, then?

The D.C. Council overwhelmingly approved legislation to support marriage equality in the District of Columbia at the end of last year. Since then, the legislation has been waiting for a required period of congressional review. Right wing religious members of the U.S. Congress have tried to overrule the local government’s approval of marriage equality, forcing a big government alternative. Yet, those anti-equality members of Congress haven’t been able to muster the support necessary to pass their own bill to attack marriage law in D.C.

Why couldn’t they succeed, if they had that big god on their side?

Marriage equality will go into effect tomorrow, with a three-day waiting period for marriages, meaning that the first same-sex marriages in our nation’s capital will become official next week… unless Zeus, Indra, Thor, Quetzalcoatl and Jehovah decide to team up for a special divine intervention.

3 thoughts on “D.C. Marriage Equality Tomorrow!”

  1. Jacob says:

    God is a hater of sin. God will judge ALL sin and all people will pass through judgment.

    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” Hebrews 9:27

    It needs to be made clear that ALL sin will be judged and that ALL men are sinners. “There are none that are righteous no not one”

    God could immediatly judge all homosexual people. He would be justified to do so. He has told us that it is a sin. In fact, in history He has on occasion done just that. Immediate judgment would not be a new thing. Lucky for us God is long suffering and wishes that none will parish. He is allowing time for sinners to repent (turn from there sins) and trust in him. Keep in mind though, longsuffering and forgetful are not the same thing. A good and just God must punish sin and that time will come for all of us. As it says above we will all die, and then the judgment.

    If He did start immedialty judging sin here is what that would look like. Everyone on Earth would drop dead. There would be no one left. Can you think of anyone who hasnt sinned? Just look at the 10 commandments, there is no one on Earth that can even pass that. Everyone has lied at some point, everyone has stolen at some point (the amount of the object is not the issue, its the action). Most have used the Lords name in vain. Etc… We all stand guilty before a Holy God.

    Lets just pertend that God decided to judge the worst sin on Earth (doesnt work this way but lets play the game and see what this would look like)

    First God judges the major sins (there are njo major sins, they are all transgresions against God but once again, lets play the game). Everyone who has raped, murdered, maimed people on purpose etc drop dead. All ‘major’ offenders are gone.

    Now we have no liers, cheaters, adulterors, thiefs, etc left behind. They are now the major sinners. There is nothing on Earth worse then these things. Maybe through in homosexuality here. Its harm to self so I think it would fit better here than above. So, nothing worse can possibly be done. These are the most vile humans on Earth. They harm more people then anyone. They must be punished so they all drop dead. Remember, if you have commited the sin once you are guilty. Anyone who has ever told a lie drops dead.

    In reality everyone drops dead but lets just pretend that people are left. Now the worst people on Earth are people who mumble dirty words under their breath, or J-walk. These are people who think bad thoughts against there neighbor (I dont know what would really be here, we are all dead). These are now the most evil of the evil.

    Lucky for us it doest work this way. If we commited sin and died instantly we would not have a chance to repent. We would all be in Hell (where we deserve to be by the way). God has paid the price for your sin already though through Christ on the cross. It doesnt matter whether you are gay, straight, a liar, or a murderer. The price of ALL sin has been paid. All the sinner needs to do is reach out his hand and accept the gift.

    God could destroy D.C. tomorrow, and he still may, but when the time comes that he starts judging sin we will all be found guilty. I would recommend making sure you are 100% sure where you stand with Him before the time comes.

    1. Fruktata says:

      “Lets just pretend that God…” – you could end your argument right there, Jacob. That says it all.

      1. Jim says:

        Or “I know God, and God could do it if He wanted to, but He doesn’t want to right now.”

        Reminds me of a kid when I was growing up. He said he could fly if he wanted to, but he didn’t want to.

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