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One Officer Against The Balloons Of Terror!

The protest today in a Senate office building by Greenpeace activists had serious goals. Rachel Humphreys, Alec Rothman, and Samantha Corbin released a sign, held up by balloons, within an atrium of the building in order to gain attention to the corrupt relationship between Senator Lisa Murkowski and big oil companies, as highlighted by Senator Murkowski is on record as having taken almost $400,000 in campaign donations from Big Oil.

My favorite result of the protest, however, was the way that the Greenpeace activists provoked a security guard to run, full tilt in an attempt to stop the balloon-wielding protest, because Homeland Security depended upon his swift response.

Run, officer, run! Before the balloons reach the ceiling! The fate of the children of America lies with you!

2 thoughts on “One Officer Against The Balloons Of Terror!”

  1. Jim says:

    Well, how do you know that those balloons weren’t laced with anthrax? You don’t know!!! !!!!

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