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Mohammed Comic Strip 6: Taking a Hammer to a Lake

You know, I hadn’t really planned a sixth installation (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5) in our series of Prophet Mohammed Cartoons, but in the last few days we learned that Jihad Jane and some people in Ireland tried to kill someone who drew a nasty sketch of Mohammed, while the multinational law firm of Ahmed Zaki Yamani has been threatening defamation lawsuits against newspapers unless they not only remove all traces of images of Mohammed, but also promise never “to make public any defamatory drawings or materials concerning the Prophet Mohammed…peace be upon him” ever again.

When religious fundamentalists use threats and intimidation to enforce censorship of ideas contrary to their strain of religious thought, I feel it’s important to demonstrate that their threats not only won’t work, but actually will backfire, leading to more of the comics they aspire to stamp out. That’s why Irregular Times features Mohammed Comic Strip #6 today.

Mohammed Comic 6: Censorship is like hitting a lake with a hammer

4 thoughts on “Mohammed Comic Strip 6: Taking a Hammer to a Lake”

  1. Bob S-K says:

    It is my honor to be the first commenter. Go, Mohammed. WWMD? I think he would have approved and would have posed for your strip. These are very snappy drawings. Let the bad spelling and grammar begin!

  2. Hendrix says:

    Nice facial expressions. I like the Bart Simpson’esque interpretation of Mohammed.

  3. Bob S-K says:

    Okay, let nothing begin, I guess. Maybe the fanatics are tired of fanaticizing. Good. That says something.

    1. Jim says:

      Yes, I agree!

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