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Pawlenty Diverts Veterans Money Into Religious Programs

This was a story that didn’t make the big media circuit outside of Minnesota, and didn’t even play large there. After all, this was the week in which allegations about same-sex sexual groping by Eric Massa were extended. What are a little fraud and violation of the separation of church and state, compared to that?

Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who is making all the moves of someone who wants to run for President in 2012, has been caught taking money from an account that was supposed to be dedicated to helping veterans. Pawlenty then gave the money to his favorite project the Minnesota bureau of big government religious programs, known euphemistically as the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. The money was gathered from fees for a “Support Our Troops” license plate.

Who would suspect that a “Support Our Troops” license plate would fund Onward Christian Soldiers? Tim Pawlenty, apparently. He sounds like a George W. Bush of the North.

3 thoughts on “Pawlenty Diverts Veterans Money Into Religious Programs”

  1. Tom says:

    i always wondered why they waste money on license plates and those twisted ribbon magnets when they could ACTUALLY support veterans by just donating the money they’d waste on this junk to the VA.

    1. Boonswoggle says:

      Well, now you know. It’s because you can’t divert money when it’s given directly!

  2. ramone says:

    pawlenty is a real piece of work! i could go on and on and on. between him and michele bachman i have almost been forced to move to south dakota (no offense to S.D.) it’s embarrassing! i choke on the hypocracy of these republiacans. pawlenty’s unatollment has left the poorest of minnesotans with no health care and now he’s taking funds meant for our veterans and giving it to church groups helping the poor? that is worse than stealing from peter to pay paul. that’s stealing from peter to pay paul to pay peter the money you stole from peter to begin with.
    one good thing for me to look forward to; pawlenty will not be our governor come fall. i’m hoping his presidential bid falls flat on it’s face. now, if we could only get someone to seriously run against bachman my minnesota citizenship would be safe.

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