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2 thoughts on “Traditional Values Coalition Comes Out in Opposition to Catholic Schools and the Pope”

  1. Tom says:

    According to existing Canon Law, the “good names” of the pedophile priests trumps any moral obligation to rat them out to the law! Some Christianity ya got there. i quit the Catholic Church long ago and never looked back. With these accusations coming in from all over the world i wonder how much “market share” the church will be losing over the next decade? No apology from the Pope, nothing’s changed in Canon Law as a result of these charges, but parishes are going bankrupt trying to compensate the victims of this repulsive abuse. Maybe they’ll just go belly-up eventually and have to sell off all the land they own, the priceless works of art, gold, and rare books in their “collection.”

  2. ramone says:

    what about the funny hats? dresses, hats; it looks like a mid-thirties musical at the pulpit. they can teach, but, who will be able to listen, what with all the snickers?

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