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Traditional Values Coalition Comes Out in Opposition to Catholic Schools and the Pope

Traditional Values Coalition Advertisement, Apparently Against Catholic Schools: Should Men Dressed as Women be Teaching Your Children?I mean, come on. If the clothes really mattered…

Think about it.

Maybe if the pontiff started wearing tights it would be OK. Some nice lederhosen…

2 comments to Traditional Values Coalition Comes Out in Opposition to Catholic Schools and the Pope

  • Tom

    According to existing Canon Law, the “good names” of the pedophile priests trumps any moral obligation to rat them out to the law! Some Christianity ya got there. i quit the Catholic Church long ago and never looked back. With these accusations coming in from all over the world i wonder how much “market share” the church will be losing over the next decade? No apology from the Pope, nothing’s changed in Canon Law as a result of these charges, but parishes are going bankrupt trying to compensate the victims of this repulsive abuse. Maybe they’ll just go belly-up eventually and have to sell off all the land they own, the priceless works of art, gold, and rare books in their “collection.”

  • ramone

    what about the funny hats? dresses, hats; it looks like a mid-thirties musical at the pulpit. they can teach, but, who will be able to listen, what with all the snickers?

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