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Founding Fathers Are Rain Gods, Says Tom Price

This morning, I wrote about Congressman Steve King’s warning that passing health care reform legislation this week was blasphemy because some legislative action took place during his religion’s Sabbath. The implication was clear: Representative King believes that God will punish us all for the evil health care reform we have performed. Perhaps patients will be turned into pillars of salt as they walk into medical clinics?

Congressman Tom Price took King’s religious wrath one step further, however, and proclaimed that the divine punishment has already begun, in the form of dark clouds of rain, pouring down anger from the heavens in response to the health care bill’s passage. Price warned,

“Yesterday was an historic day in this Nation. The problem for our citizens is that it was historically dark. Madam Speaker, it’s raining in Washington today. It’s raining because our Founders are weeping. Our Founders are weeping over the incredible vote taken yesterday that was an affront to federalism, an affront to individual liberty, and an affront to freedom.”

It appears that Congressman Price believes that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson have all ascended into the clouds, transformed at the moment of their deaths into rain gods, dedicated to the punishment of all who attempt to help people get access to medical care. Now, these Founding Fathers are manipulating the weather in order to communicate their political opinions.

This is not the first time that Republican figures have suggested that the weather can be interpreted as an expression of the worth of particular political activities. Why do Republicans keep on looking to the skies for proof that they’re right? Could it be that they are lacking in earthly evidence that their policies make sense?

One thought on “Founding Fathers Are Rain Gods, Says Tom Price”

  1. ramone says:

    god will punish those who made reform happen by bringing a spring rain to D.C.? yah, that’s good!
    they are ready to bring god’s wrath down on the sick and dying and whenever they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar they say, “the devil made me do it”. never fess up, never your fault.
    it must be nice to have someone to blame for all the evils in this world.
    sometimes i wish we had georgie back. we could blame him for everything! 🙂

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