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After Hutaree, Obama to declare Islamic Faith and Arrest Millions

… at least that’s what you’d think if you took the assertions of some Americans seriously. This morning, after the announcement of a handful of arrests in the case of the militant Christian group called Hutaree, Pied Piper wrote to declare:

Anyone with a bible and a gun in there home will be cosidered to be a christian militia member. This is the next step of Obama’s jihad on America.

Pied Piper isn’t alone. Here at Irregular Times, we’ve received comments from multiple individuals, each of whom is convinced that Hutaree members are simply being arrested for some combination of having a religious faith and owning a gun.

None of us will know for sure what criminal charges actually led to the arrest of the Hutaree until the arrest warrants are unsealed later today. But if those warrants actually reveal arrests for the crimes of being a Christian and owning a gun, we can surely expect millions more to be arrested by nightfall as Barack Obama unveils his rainbow turban and flies out of the Oval Office on his magic carpet to declare the opening waves of his jihad on America.

One thought on “After Hutaree, Obama to declare Islamic Faith and Arrest Millions”

  1. marcia says:

    This is the dumbest website i have EVER READ!!! $$

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