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Hutaree Kris Sickles Warned Of Terrorist Camps in US – Muslim Terrorist Camps

It’s the ultimate in ironies. Khristopher Sickles, known as “Pale Horse” or simply as Kris to his friends, was arrested over the weekend by FBI agents because of his involvement in an alleged Hutaree conspiracy to start an armed rebellion against the U.S. government by killing American police officers. One version of the conspiracy even included a plan to kill the family of a police officer, in order to provoke a larger armed conflict.

Nonetheless, just a year ago, Kris Sickles took part in the filming of a short video, posted on YouTube, that was supposed to warn Americans about terrorism. It’s called American Jihad.

This video pictures armed men in uniforms much like those worn by the Hutarees. In the fictional movie, the men capture a businessman and torture him before cutting off his head. But there’s a difference between these armed men and the Hutarees: They’re Muslim, and the Hutarees are Christian.

Apparently, in the mind of Kris Sickles, it’s okay for Christian men in camouflage to brutally kill people in order to trigger a holy war against the government of the United States. He thinks that it’s terribly wrong and evil, however, for Muslims to do the same thing.

Kris Sickles is the face of real homegrown terrorism.

7 thoughts on “Hutaree Kris Sickles Warned Of Terrorist Camps in US – Muslim Terrorist Camps”

  1. qs says:

    Was there actual intent to pursue this plot? I mean dressing up and buying a bunch of guns and talking crazy is not necessarily intent.

    If it was all being done in the abstract than I don’t think that justifies a crime. However, anti-terrorism laws tend to stretch into basically anything really.

    1. Jim says:

      I agree with you in the abstract, qs. But if you read the indictment it gets quite specific and pretty immediate in the short term future.

      IF what the indictment says is accurate, it seems like a real conspiracy to me.

      BUT these fundamentalists are getting a trial, and of course it could all end up being made up by the government. Let’s see how the evidence falls out and let a jury do its work when it comes to judgments of criminal guilt.

      1. qs says:

        Well traditionally you need intent to be found guilty, but anti-terrorism laws don’t always require that. You can be found guilty just for associating with a group or donating money to a group (Freedom of speechfreedom of association.)

        For instance, you can join the Mafia, racists groups, …maybe weather underground…maybe, but you can’t join Al Qaeda or Taliban or things that we designate a terrorists group.

        But anti-terrorism laws go beyond that in ways that I haven’t really investigated.

        1. J. Clifford says:

          I agree that the justice of anti-terrorism laws is problematic, but look at the indictments. The charges are weapons related, and conspiracy for armed revolt. I don’t see terrorism laws being used for these indictments, though they could be, and that difference is pretty telling.

          ““Captain Hutaree,” obtained information about such devices over the internet and emailed diagrams of such devices to a person he believed capable of manufacturing the devices. Also in furtherance of this plan, Joshua Matthew Stone, a.k.a. “Josh,” and others provided materials necessary for the manufacturing of such devices at the direction of David Brian Stone”. These allegations are going beyond the level of abstract talk. They were taking action to build their bombs, at the very least.

          Also, there is the allegation that there was a specific plan for going out on a practice run, and killing any person they came across: “David Brian Stone, a.k.a. “RD,” a.k.a. “Joe Stonewall,” a.k.a. “Captain Hutaree,” also announced to conspirators a covert reconnaissance exercise scheduled for April 2010, during which exercise anyone who happened upon the exercise who did not acquiesce to Hutaree demands could be killed.”

        2. Jim says:

          Right, but they’re not just accused of associating. They picked dates for attacks. They chose their targets.

    2. J. Clifford says:

      I agree with Jim – they need to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and given completely fair trials, which is more than the right wing militias are willing to give their Islamic counterparts. But, the planning didn’t appear to be just “let’s pretend”. There were specific plans, as delusional as they may have been. The allegations are that illegal explosives were seized. That’s pretty serious.

      Besides that, the rhetoric of the Hutarees was absolutely Christian terrorism. They openly admitted that they were training to kill non-Christians, and referred to rebellion/secession from the government.

      From what I’ve seen, I don’t have a hard time believing that these people would go in for a stupid attempt at starting a Civil War with a group of 20 bumbling middle aged guys playing around in camos. They’re both extremist and kind of stupid, from everything I’ve looked at over the last 36 hours – and that’s the material that they put out in public, themselves.

      Can we call this The Great Doofus Revolt of 2010?

      The evidence was reviewed by a Grand Jury. Let’s see what a jury in a criminal trial says, and what the evidence actually is.

  2. Stacey says:

    PLEASE! Do you just believe anything this government tells you? Obama scares the hell out of me. This could be the beginning of the end in this country. There are a lot of people coming out saying they know these people and don’t believe for a minute they are criminals much less murderers. Did you listen to Savage tonight?

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