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Indictments Against Hutaree Alleged Christian Terrorists

It has been said of the Hutarees arrested over the weekend that they have had their “Right to practice a faith any way they wish” violated by the FBI. Certainly, the Hutarees’ plans for violence were religiously inspired. They call themselves “Christian warriors”, but they are accused of plotting to commit acts of Christian terrorism.

The criminal indictments against nine members of the Hutaree militia have been revealed this morning. They include charges of seditious conspiracy; carrying, using and possessing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence; and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

According to the FBI, the Hutarees were planning to trigger armed overthrow of the United States government. This armed rebellion has also been a threat made by Tea Party protesters from several states. Even U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann has urged the Tea Party to become “armed and dangerous”.

tea party protesters threatening violence

Are there connections between the indicted Hutarees and the Tea Party? We’ll be looking into that as the day progresses. Their names are:

* David Brian Stone (RD) of Clayton, Mich.
* David Brian Stone Jr. (Junior) of Adrian (the son of David Brian Stone)
* Joshua Matthew Stone (Josh) of Clayton (the son of David Brian Stone)
* Tina Mae Stone of Clayton (the wife of David Brian Stone)
* Joshua John Clough (Azzurlin) of Blissfield
* Michael David Meeks (Mikey) of Manchester Township
* Thomas William Piatek of Whiting, Ind.
* Khristopher T. Sickles (Pale Horse) of Sandusky, Ohio
* Jacob J. Ward (Jake) of Huron, Ohio

Keep a special eye out for Joshua Stone. He has yet to be apprehended by the FBI.

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