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Josh Clough Started Out With Sunday School Videos

Last night, I referred to a strange Hutaree personality: TEOTWAWKI Man. He appeared in two videos referred to by the web site. These videos featured the character educating viewers about what they will need to do if they want to lay low for a few days to avoid the enemy when the End Times finally come. It is now clear that TEOTWAWKI Man is none other than Joshua Clough, one of the nine members of Hutaree indicted for a conspiracy to kill policemen and their families in an effort to ignite a nationwide civil war.

Clough had his own channel on YouTube, a place where he had a few videos he used in an attempt to advertise his cut-rate wedding video business, JC2 Productions. Most of the videos Clough posted to the channel were actually from 8 or 9 years ago, back when Clough was a member of a church youth group. In fact, Clough used a church-owned video camera to make those first videos. It’s creepy to see from this animated character in one of Clough’s movies to see that his Christian fundamentalist style was heavily influenced by VeggieTales.

Actually, Clough did produce a video for a church Sunday school recruitment program relatively recently. In 2007, he made Two Things You Don’t Want To Miss. In the video, a young woman dreams that she wakes up, late for church, only to arrive and discover that, because she slept in instead of worshipping Jesus, she missed the rapture. “Two things you don’t want to miss: 1. The Rapture 2. Sunday School,” the alleged wannabe terrorist Clough advises church kids.

Still, even at that time, the first signs of a Hutaree obsession with a military struggle against Satan enveloped in End Times mythology could be seen. One of the first set of videos featured an adolescent version of the Hutarees called the FuGents – supernatural secret agents who seek out the enemies of God and kill them.

The video begins with narration: “In the first seven days of the Universe, God created Earth and the surrounding planets, but then, on the eighth day, God created FuGents. They were God’s agents, and they roamed the planet seeking and destroying evil.” Then, the FuGents open up their Bibles and with holy rays from the books, kill demons trying to convince a teenager to play video games and listen to country music. I’d like to know what church supported this activity, the fantasies of killing in the name of God.

Pathetically poignant is the Clough video Braughtworstandsourkruat, created in 2003. In this video made 14 years after the end of the Cold War, Clough imagines that Communists from Poland have invaded the United States. Only, the Communists are so incompetent that they can’t last five minutes once the U.S. government shows up.

Clough and the other Hutarees were the rebels who couldn’t shoot straight. Their alleged plan to slaughter police officers only resulted in their own humiliation. In his TEOTWAWKI persona, Clough advised that, when running from Satanic government agents, “It’s recommended that you change your socks twice a day, actually.” Poor Josh Clough. He didn’t have enough time to play Boy Scout even to change his socks once.

30 thoughts on “Josh Clough Started Out With Sunday School Videos”

  1. J says:

    “It’s creepy to see from this animated character in one of Clough’s movies to see that his Christian fundamentalist style was heavily influenced by VeggieTales.”

    What are you trying to say here… that Veggie tales influenced him to conspire against the government?

    Also, these charges are still alleged, so you should probably use that word in your article to be accurate.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    J, the only thing that’s alleged, and not an fact found on the Hutaree web site or their YouTube channels, is that the Hutaree had a “plan to slaughter police officers” in an “attempt to spark an armed insurrection”. Yes, those are allegations, not proven in a court of law yet. Clough was just arrested a few days ago, after all. The legal system hasn’t had a chance to work yet.

    The rest of this article is not based on allegations, but on what the Hutaree have said about themselves, in the public sphere.

    Did the Hutaree have an obsession with a military struggle against Satan enveloped in End Times mythology? Yup. That’s plain from how the Hutaree depicted themselves.

    Did Joshua Clough develop an early obsession with killing evil beings in the name of God, while a member of a church youth group? That’s part of the video record he made.

    Was Josh Clough a “wannabe terrorist”? Sure. He belonged to a group that was on the record as looking forward to killing non-Christians in order to achieve the goal of global religious uniformity.

    As for the VeggieTales, it has yet to be seen whether the lessons taught during those heavy-handed religious videos, with their absolutist, separated-from-reality, approach to belief, were a major influence on the development of Clough’s militant Christianity. Perhaps that was his minister’s fault. Maybe he was brain damaged. But, are you going to tell me that the VeggieTales didn’t influence the style of Clough’s fundamentalism in a creepy way, when he used a flying cucumber with VeggieTale appearance in his early fantasy videos about smashing evildoers in God’s name?

  3. JH says:

    You’re mis informed. Josh may be a bit mis guided but I will be surprised if any of the charges stick. He’s not ‘anti’-authoritarian or a cop killer. In fact, the FuGents concept came out of a youth group fun video (in Franklin TN) series in the early 2000’s. Go to

    He simply copied the idea. It’s based on The Matrix.

    He’s a bit eccentric for certain but the idiots he chose to hang out with are likely culpable.

    Josh has always enjoyed LOTR and Star Wars stuff which isn’t a crime.

    If he consciously agreed to these terrible notions then let justice prevail. I just see a kid who likes goofy things like Science Fiction movies but unfortunately his life just became a bit TOO FICTION.

    For what it’s worth….

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Sez you. I’m basing my analysis on the facts in Clough’s work, and what’s on the record about the Hutarees, the organization he voluntarily joined.

      Where’s your evidence?

      A BIT misguided? Is that how we describe plans to kill police officers’ kids? Is that how we describe the belief that the democratically elected government of the USA must be overthrown through a bloody civil war and replaced with a Christian fundamentalist theocracy?

      Guns, bombs, knives for those who don’t share Clough’s religion? That’s just a BIT misguided?

      1. J says:

        You are incorrect in assuming that those videos have anything to do with these allegations of “killing evil beings in the name of God”. Good call JH on the REAL FuGents. In fact, the whole first part of those videos is ripped off from that other church. I actually KNOW him personally and I can say that his unique sense of humor is completely separate from his views on government – so please, stop spouting off at the mouth, trying to analyze things you know nothing about in a lame attempt to drive traffic to your pathetic little blog.

        And yes, I would agree again with JH on the misguided part. I honestly don’t believe the allegations about the plot to kill police officers.

        1. J. Clifford says:

          J – even if you take away the allegations about the plot to kill police officers, the entire group was focused around the ambition to go out killing non-Christians in the name of Jesus! They have a video that they posted themselves in which they’re training to kill people, J! This thing isn’t just a little misguided. It’s nuts.

          If you don’t want to see the connections between Clough being taught in Sunday School that it’s a good idea to go out and kill things in the name of God, and his later connection which has the ambition of doing just that, well, I don’t think I could say anything to convince you of that.

          These comments remind me of Rush Limbaugh’s statement that torture was just a bunch of harmless fraternity play.

          1. J says:

            No, that was not the focus of the group. The focus of the group was to prepare for end times whatever that entails, and protecting the testimony of Christ. That in itself is perfectly fine and has nothing to do with killing in the name of God. Sure the videos show them running drills, but the point of owning a gun is not to kill people for killings sake, but to be able to protect yourself, your family and your property. Now, is this group’s focus on this preparation a big extreme? Absolutely. Hence my statement that my friend is a bit misguided. I would prefer he focus on preaching the gospel to prepare for the return of Christ. But until there is proof that the group was actually plotting to provoke a revolution by killing police officers, my stance remains the same.

          2. J. Clifford says:

            “The focus of the group was to prepare for end times whatever that entails, and protecting the testimony of Christ.” That included killing non-Christians, J. That’s what the Hutaree themselves wrote about.

            Christian fundamentalists like the Hutaree make it perfectly clear what the End Times entail. They entail global wars against anyone who won’t accept the Lordship of the new Christian regime.

            The Hutaree believed that the End Times were upon us. There’s evidence that they were planning violence in the very near future. Those weren’t flowers they were training with in the videos they made, but guns and explosives, with burning flags in the background.

            As for the “the point of owning a gun”, the Hutaree forum section on weapons honestly referred to weapons not as some abstract 2nd amendment expression, but as “the things you kill people with”.

            Why the denial? Are you just hoping that a friend of yours doesn’t get big jailtime?

          3. J says:

            I may partly be in denial, because i care about my friend. Regardless of whether or not this plot turns out to be true, i disagree with your assessment that their purpose was to kill non-christians. Their website even states that one of their purposes was to save those who aren’t. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t convert to Christianity they would kill you. In the scenario which I strongly believe my friend was preparing for, the only killing would have been done in self defence, or in war should there be a revolution.
            Even if this plot does turn out to be true, you are still taking it to an extreme to say that they would be killing people simply because they weren’t Christians. They would have been killing representatives of what they believed to be a oppressive government in an effort to spark revolution and restore the nation to their views of how it should be.., which is where it goes off the deep end. And for the record, this extreme activity is NOT condoned by the Christ or the Bible, talk radio or any sane person from either side of the political spectrum.

          4. J. Clifford says:

            J, here’s a sample from the Hutaree web site: “Enough people and things must be destroyed so that the system may start back over and inflate to maximum potential again. This time around though I see the potential of a long drawn out mad max type scenario, then after years of small scale fighting things will slowly turn back to civilization to start the process again. In doing so the same destruction of people and things will happen. Yes, the whole world at war, but just dragged out without any distinguishable side.”

            “God has Promised to execute vengeance of eternal fire against ungodly men!”

            “We be the fighting force, that the devil worshipping new world order don’t want to have to meet up with, for VICTORY is OURS through Christ JESUS!!!!!!!!!!”

            That’s from the PUBLIC side of the web site that they allowed outsiders to see.

            How could anyone associate themselves with that kind of love of violence and claim not to know what they were getting into?

          5. Anonymous says:

            Look if u don’t really know who ur talking about then u should shut up. Josh couldn’t hurt a fly. He’s kind n loving. Josh is just a big kid is all. You have the nerve to call him creepy n put veggie tales under a microscope? Are u nuts? He loved star wars n liked the caracters of veggie tales. Obviously u don’t kno who or what ur talking bout. He got mixed up in something bad is all. U throw the name God around as if u kno what n who ur talking about n u don’t. Josh is not a killer. You have made me very mad n hurt -do u kno that there r ppl out there that love him! His whole family has been rocked by this. He may not b innocent but he sure doesn’t deserve this crap. If u can ever read this -I love u josh n I believe in u!

  4. Stacey says:

    It is hard to believe ANYTHING this government says with Obama the Devil in office (and I am a an atheist). Who will they take out next? Did anyone hear Savage tonight?

    1. Digger says:

      Hey Stacey! You sound like a loose chick……we should par-tay sometime!

  5. sarah says:

    I must say that of all the people accused in this case, it is ironic that you demonize Josh
    while the real evil in this c

  6. sarah says:

    I must say that of all the people accused in this case, it is ironic that you demonize Josh
    while the real evil in this case is David Stone ans josh really IS the guy that encourages young people to go to church
    he doesn’t even swear for goodness sake. Have you ever heard of somebody killing someone while saying ‘goshdarned’? Please…..

    1. Jim says:

      Clough is of course not yet proven guilty of the crimes of which he’s accused. We’ll see how that comes out in trial. But Clough has a demonstrable obsession with the idea of using weapons to kill people for holy reasons, and yes, history is full of people who don’t swear but do kill for the god of their choice.

      1. sarah says:

        he can’t even kill a spider because ‘they are such usefull animals killing bugs and such’

        1. J. Clifford says:

          Sarah, if he’s so nonviolent, can you explain why Josh Clough was running around with a group of people obsessed with weapons, and training to use weapons to kill people?

          Your example of spiders is telling. He won’t kill the spiders, but he’s happy to see the bugs get killed. Is it possible he sorts different groups of people in the same way?

          1. sarah says:

            Sigh, I knew this whole interent polemic thing wasn’t going to work out. It only leaves one frustrated. Yes, I can explain the how and why about all of Joshe’s life,

          2. Peregrin Wood says:

            Why, if Josh is so great, are you having trouble explaining these basic items? It strikes me that you frustration is there because you can’t answer the questions.

          3. sarah says:

            i just reread all your comments and I can’t believe it only dawns on me now
            YOU are frustrated, why else do want to be right so much?

          4. Peregrin Wood says:

            Compared to Josh Clough, I don’t think I need to be right so much. Sure, I like to write, but I’m not so sure of my rightness that I run around with a bunch of guys carrying guns who believe they’re going to fight in the Apocalyse on the side of God against satanic unbelievers.

          5. outtathere says:

            I knew Josh my whole life growing up. He was younger than me, but we went to the same school and church. He was picked on and withdrawn from VERY young and seemed to live in his head most of the time. When speaking with him, even in high school, he would answer with the most random of things as if context and the present were as maleable as fantasy. I don’t want to seem condescending toward Josh, or remove all responsibility, but the guy isn’t with it. Obviously none of them are, but in Josh’s case… he really doesn’t have a firm grip on the wheel. Where someone like David Stone is a fully functioning narcissist with a clear understanding of his actions in the context of society, I believe the record will show Josh to be lost in fantasy land- though no less dangerous, maybe even more so for it.

  7. sarah says:

    but I wont, he is in jail, not dead and he has right to privacy just liek anybody else. I can only say I KNOW him, and I know this is Davids fault, think about it, he got his own children in this mess, he is a man without guilt. Well, I learned my lesson, never get into this reaction stuff on the ineternet. Have a nice time trashing this great man even more. you will never understand

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m his cousin. I love him w/ all my heart. We would play together n laugh n he was a lil stinker when he was young. Lol. He didn’t have a good home life. He would say the funniest things. He is normal but got nervous a lot. He does live in some sort of fantasy world -I honestly don’t think he knew or had an idea of what they were planning. If he did he would of had no part in it. To what guy are guns NOT fun to play w/?? He’s nieve when it comes to some things n idk what to say. I miss him at Xmas :'( he’s a good guy n I hate to hear ppl talk bout my… Cousin like this. He was having fun n that’s it. He’s a big kid is all. Never would he hurt any1 or anything. Trust me I kno.

    1. J says:

      I was his best friend growing up and I agree 100%. He would get mad at me when we were kids if I killed a bug! It’s been so long without any news. I think about him a lot in that jail cell. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for him in there. Lots of prayers for you Josh!!!

  9. Ashley says:

    I went on a date with this guy back in 2005. We went to the Franklin Park mall in Toledo. During the date, I had to tell him multiple times to stop staring at me so creepily, or to stop touching me. He wasnt so bad online though. I know he really liked trains, and showed me pictures of scenes he would make out of Legos. I also recall him telling me that tattoos were evil on more than one occasion. He had a website with his FuGent videos, and It was more of a personal site. I still have his old email addresses as well. Crazy how people turn out, eh?

    1. me says:

      how you doin…

  10. Person from the past says:

    Me and josh went to the same church all of our lives…..
    It is true that he was very… odd should I say? He was shunned by most people I think which is sad if it was only because he was different. He was actually quite obsessed with me for a while. It creeped me out really bad.. Not that he liked me but the way that he would follow me and the way he went about things. I know he is passionate about the “things of God” but he has a lot of of it twisted. Thats not what our church taught us.. the things he says are really extreme and quite disturbing…. but i do have to say…. as creepy as I’ve always found him to be and as strange and outlandish as he is… I dont think he could actually kill someone. Just don’t seem to fit. I believe 100% that he was wrapped up in a fantasy world.. but don’t know that he would ever carry any of it through. I hope and pray that God can somehow touch his life through this all and change all things for the better.

  11. Dove says:

    “As part of his plea agreement, Clough acknowledged that he was a member of the Hutaree, an antigovernment militia organization that advocated and prepared for violent attacks on law enforcement.”

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