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Pale Horse Sickles Built Christian Fantasy of Serial Killing

For Khristopher Sickles, who used the Hutaree pseudonym “Pale Horse”, Christianity served as a perfect combination of righteous indignation and an excuse to behave in inexcusable ways. In particular, Sickles found in Christianity an excuse to kill people.

The key was the Hutaree (“Christian warrior”) belief that the Hutaree group was receiving direct inspiration from God, and soon would serve as a core group of fighters against Satan, and anyone perceived to be aligned with Satan. Those perceived to be aligned with Satan included representatives of the government, and that included the police. Because the police were aligned with Satan, the Hutaree concluded, the children of the police were acceptable targets for murder as well. The Hutarees would be killing for Jesus, and so the killing would be righteous.

The children of the police weren’t the first children that Kris Sickles thought of killing. Last year, he released a film he had written and directed himself, entitled Dement Incarnate. The main character of the film was a serial killer, and in the film, that character is shown reveling in the slaughter of a very young boy.

Sickles wrote a summary of Dement Incarnate describing it as “a film about a lonely serial killer who enjoys the freedom of killing. His sadistic lust has no end and these unsuspecting townspeople will soon find out!” It’s a cinematic meditation on what could lead a person to become a serial killer.

The execution of the project is amateurish, and the explanation Sickles comes up with is all too simple: People would all love to be serial killers, if it weren’t for their belief in the Christian God.

The fascination Sickles has with serial killing is particularly fascinating when it is considered in the context of a shorter film Sickles made: American Jihad. That video depicts a fantasy sequence of a businessman happening upon an Islamic terrorist hideout in rural Michigan. Men in camouflage shout Muslim catch phrases as they torture and kill the businessman. The interesting thing is that the deadly terrorists, in their rural Michigan hideout, are quite like the group Kris Sickles aligned himself with. The only difference is that the Hutarees practice a different religion.

Considering American Jihad, we see that Pale Horse Kris Sickles was, consciously or not, using these videos he created as a way of contemplating his own violent desires. In both videos, he copes with his own guilty interest in killing by depicting the murderers as his enemies: Muslims and other non-Christians. However, as much as he attempts to place the urge to murder outside of himself, the reflection of Sickles’s own fascination emerges clear as day. The very sadism he accuses others of in order to justify their murder is a cruelty he harbors within himself.

At the very time that Sickles produced a movie about a non-Christian maniac killing children, Sickles became active with a group forming the very same goal.

The trailer for Dement Incarnate begins with a narrator speaking, “In a small town where everything seemed normal, until…” That description could just as easily describe the path that led the Hutaree militia.

Postscript: I would show you the video of Dement Incarnate, but this afternoon, YouTube closed the account Khristopher Sickles had uploaded his videos to. It seems that YouTube has a policy of deleting murder fantasy movies only after it has been revealed that the creators of those movies actually want to kill people.

2 thoughts on “Pale Horse Sickles Built Christian Fantasy of Serial Killing”

  1. bofors says:

    I read through the indictment that named Khristopher Sickles. It was pathetically weak. I did not see what exactly Khristopher Sickles was accused of either, other than associating with the co-defendants who actually did nothing. The WMD allegation is laughable.

    I also listened to most of Alex Jones’ 2009 interview with Khristopher Sickles (a.k.a Pale Horse). He sounded like a normal person.

    Perhaps this would be a good time for you to reconsider your commitment to the 1st Amendment.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Normal person? Does a normal person run around in the Michigan woods in camouflage, preparing to kill people and rebel against the government because he thinks that the AntiChrist is about to come? You think that’s a normal person?

      One of the indictments against Sickles is that he was part of conspiracy to wage war against the government of the United States. That’s not First Amendment free association or free speech. It’s a serious crime, bofors.

      He’s accused of carrying and using a firearm in association with the crime of seditious conspiracy and weapons of mass destruction.

      You say that the WMD allegation is laughable. The indictment says that Kris Sickles was one of those trained in the methods of assembling and using weapons of mass destruction. The indictment says that Sickles took place in practice plans for the killing assault against police officers and subsequent operations.

      This is not pathetically weak. This is a great deal more than just “associating with the co-defendants”.

      Try reading it again, bofors.

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