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Hutaree Believed USA A Christian Nation

Some people wonder why we are troubled when elected politicians like Congressman Steve King declare the USA to be a “Christian nation”

The picture you see here represents my concerns quite well. The photograph is a still from one of the Hutarees’ military training videos, in which Hutarees pose in paramilitary uniforms, carrying rifles, practicing for a mission in which it is alleged that they planned to kill murder police officers to start a right wing armed rebellion against the U.S. government.

The Hutarees were attempting to form a Christian nation – what they referred to as a “Christian Republic”, and expected to kill large numbers of people in order to do so. The flags you see in this picture are flags they created to represent that Christian nation. The flag on the bottom contains the Hutarees’ military insignia, featuring a crucifix in the shape of a dagger plunging downward.

It’s a combination of religious certainty and violent force that’s deeply unnerving to those of us who are not Christians. When we hear politicians insist that the United States is a Christian nation, we remember the history of the violence Christian nations have used to enforce their governments’ religious beliefs. We also look at the brutality that organizations that the Hutarees are willing to engage in to compel us all to convert to Christianity, or suffer violent consequences.

The concept of the USA being a Christian nation is not just historically and constitutionally inaccurate. It is also inherently undemocratic and oppressive.

I want the USA to be a nation for all people, not just for people who share the violent religious beliefs of the Hutarees.

One thought on “Hutaree Believed USA A Christian Nation”

  1. Tom says:

    We’re going to become a “third-world” nation before long. We’d better start thinking about using MUCH less energy per capita, SEVERELY cutting down our appetites for useless crap, and everyone better learn how to grow food everywhere it’s feasible. We keep putting off the hard choices and continue in our squandering ways, extracting carbon from its ancient sequestration and putting it back into the atmosphere that the planet took millions of years to take OUT of the atmosphere so we (and all the other species of plants and animals) could live here. We’re being short-sighted and this will make the coming ceasing of this lifestyle more abrupt than it needs to be (if, for example, we had started changing our ways in the 1970’s when the first “oil shortages” happened).

    Either way, we’re gonna pay.

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