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Decoding the Hutaree Response Statement

Last night, I posted a copy of a text taken from a YouTube video purporting to be a Hutaree response to the arrests of 9 Hutaree Christian militia members on charges that they had been planning and training for a paramilitary mission to kill American police officers and spark a violent right wing uprising against the U.S. government. It’s a strangely worded statement, made in conjunction with a series of still visual images.

This morning, I offer some decoding of the purported Hutaree statement. Portions of the statement are in red, and my comments are in black text.

The US. is becoming a maximum Security prison. And you are the inmates. Were being thrown into slavery against our will.

This introductory claim refers to the belief that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is running secret concentration camps into which enemies of the government are placed. The account through which the statement is made, Eaglezero6205, has previously posted videos promoting this conspiracy theory.

Your American tax dollars are being sent to off shore banks. And here we find the federal reserve wasn’t what we thought it was

The Federal Reserve is, like FEMA, the subject of a large number of conspiracy theories among libertarians, Tea Party members, and right wing militias (groups that often overlap). The politician most admired by many Tea Party protesters, Ron Paul, has introduced legislation to audit the “Fed”.

With this comment, as so many others in this statement, there’s a lot left unsaid. What do the Hutaree know about the Federal Reserve? What did we once think about the Fed that isn’t really true? We’re left to guess.

Freedom of Religion. One nation under god

A nation that is placed under the authority of one religion’s deity is a nation where that religion gets special privileges from the government that other religions don’t enjoy. That’s contrary to the concept of freedom of religion in which the government keeps its hands out of religious affairs. It’s fascinating that right wing militias that claim to hate big government actually want the government to manage everyone’s practice of religion.

This is a monk. Hes real harmful. Freedom of religion… Not here!

havent we seen this somewhere? hmmmm.

The picture used here is not of a Christian monk. It’s a photograph of a Tibetan Buddhist monk being taken away by police in Nepal during a protest in 2008.

What on Earth is the Hutaree statement getting at here? Do the Hutarees believe that there is a global conspiracy against religious authority that is active at once within the Nepalese government and the government of the USA?

OH yeah thats right RIght here in America also look Familiar Think G20 pitsburgh

Persecution of the christians has been going on for decades. In many other nations but not the US…Right…


It’s interesting that the right wing Hutaree would refer to the G20 protests in Pittsburgh, because those protests came from the left wing. However, arrests of monks, Buddhist or Christian, were not a prominent part of those G20 protests, if they took place at all. There was no claim by protesters of the G20 in Pittsburgh that the G20 was persecuting Christians.

[pictures of the Branch Davidian compound in WACO]

“His name was death and hell followed with him.

This was Timothy Mcveighs Response to WACO The OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING where 360+ were killed.

Including Children…

The blast shook homes over 30 miles away and crushed hearts around the nation, This small memorial of chairs is all thats left

The boys in washington make the messes and we are left to pick up the pieces. I pray this never happens again but they dont.

In its visual images, the Hutaree statement swerves from a Tibetan Buddhist protest in Nepal to the G20 to the FBI seige of a Branch Davidian compound outside of Waco, Texas in the 1990s, and then to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It’s a huge stretch to suggest that these events are all part of some nefarious plot to enslave Christians, but that’s what the Hutarees seem to be doing.

The Hutaree statement plays a rather nasty trick with the Oklahoma City bombing. “The boys in washington make the messes,” it claims, but nobody in Washington D.C. was responsible for the bombing. It was right wing militia members who did the bombing. The Hutarees have transferred responsibility for the bombing onto the government, though it was an anti-government attack.

The suggestion that the government was responsible for the killing of children at the Oklahoma City federal building is particularly brazen, given that the 9 Hutaree suspects have been indicted for developing a conspiracy in which the murder of the children of police officers was discussed as an option.

Spying on your neighbor and turning in a christian because he/she is a potential terrorist is what they want you to do.

Here, the Hutarees twist the facts to suit their paranoid need to feel like victims. There are government spying programs that have encouraged Americans to spy on their neighbors. The Eagle Eyes program for civilians developed by the Air Force is one of these.

However, there has never been a Homeland Security spying program that’s specifically targeted people because of their Christianity. There have been government spying programs that have targeted Americans because of their Muslim identity.

Because he needs his civilian army. without it he cant push the New World Order to happen. We the people have the Power.

“He” in this statement seems to refer to Barack Obama. The image used here shows Barack Obama next to Adolph Hitler. The suggestion seems to be that Obama has assembled a civilian army that is currently dedicated to spying on right wing Christian militias. Somehow, this civilian army in league with Barack Obama is supposed to be preparing to establish a New World Order, something right wing militias have believed is just around the corner for at least an entire generation.

If you are a christian you will be persecuted we are in the end times and this is a part of the prophecy. But fear not

“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of god, And for the testimony which they held.

Fear not God is with you always and the wicked shall be punished but on gods own accord Vengeance is mine saith the lord

In these lines, we see why the Hutarees are so dedicated to contorting a huge range of events around the world into a story about an international conspiracy to persecute Christians. The Hutarees need to find such an anti-Christian conspiracy because it fits with their religious belief that the End Times will come along with the growth of a global tyranny led by a character called the AntiChrist. The Hutarees actually want these End Times to come, because they will then be able to fight against satanic enemies, including the U.S. government and it’s supposed “civilian army”, which probably is thought to include people like us here at Irregular Times.

What the FBI did with the Hutare Incident was wrong! And unconstituational Be watchful the story isnt what it seems to be. I have suspicion that this is to make christians look like terrorsts. Be watchful!!!!

There’s an accusation here that the Hutarees have been set up by the government, and aren’t guilty of anything at all, but are being used by the friends of the New World Order to stoke hatred of Christianity. This is an idea that is now being repeated by, among others, members of the Tea Party…

… more about that later.

2 thoughts on “Decoding the Hutaree Response Statement”

  1. d64 says:

    I enjoyed your ideas on this subject. I am a resident of Michigan and have been carefully analyzing the various “official” news releases from news organizations around the world. I am trying to stay objective because it is a very fragile subject when you are dealing with the “patriots” vs “terrorists” issue. Consider my recent blog entry as well if you are interested, until i can either get an interview with any of the individuals or produce a final report on the news handling of the subject. So far they are guilty until proven innocent in many news interpretations, just look at the language used in the Indictment! Very interesting work here. keep it up.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      D64, keep in mind with the indictment that it’s not supposed to be a balanced statement. It’s supposed to be based upon facts, but not arguing at all in favor of the defense. It’s an official accusation, so you shouldn’t expect it to be anything other than an introductory attempt of the prosecution to state its case.

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