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Killing Cats To Defend Us From Satan?

The newest word about the bizarre Christian militia that called itself Hutaree: One member is purported to have killed his own pet cat in order to prove to himself that he was ready to fight against Satan’s armies in the name of God.

An undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the Hutarees reports that group member Kris Sickles said that he shot his cat in order to “see if I could do it, to see if I could kill something I had a feeling for.”

Let’s think this through, now. If you’re preparing to fight against a satanic horde, why would you want to know if you could kill something you have a feeling for? Why, unless you have a feeling for Satan’s hordes?

It doesn’t make sense, but then, a person is already beyond sense when they agree that killing a police officer’s family would spark a civil war and make the kingdom of Jesus come that much faster. Kris Sickles appears to have had an obsession with murder. The Hutaree militia is looking more and more like the Christian version of the Manson Family…

…allegedly. None of this has been proven in court yet. The Hutarees are allegedly as mad as a March hare.

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