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To Do In The Garden Today

It’s the 3rd day of unusually warm weather here in Upstate New York, the 2nd day in a row with heat over 80 degrees. So, it’s a day for outside work. To do in the garden today:

  • Strengthen the anti-deer pallisade
  • Plant onion sets and tomato and flower seeds (the seeds still in pots, because the frost could still come back)
  • Turn in last autumn’s fallen leaves into freshly cleared soil
  • Cash in gift certificate at a local native plant nursery (thanks, brother)

    What will you do in your garden today?

  • 12 thoughts on “To Do In The Garden Today”

    1. Jim says:

      Clear out dead sumac and prune black raspberries, then wait for another week or two. It’s warm here, but that’s 50s and 60s during the day and maybe 40 at night. It could still turn colder.

      1. J. Clifford says:

        prune black raspberries? You sure you want to do that? They won’t fruit on new growth.

        1. Jim says:

          Not according to what I’ve read. Do you have another source on that?

          1. ChuckleNuts says:

            Read that source more carefully. It’s best to prune them right after bearing, like at the end of the season. Not now. Don’t worry; they’ll produce eventually. In the old days, without stores, a mistake like that could have made your family starve to death, but today, the piggly-wigglies will save you.

            1. Jim says:

              Thanks. They produce a whole lot. I’m lucky; one thing I’ve got a lot of is black raspberries.

    2. ChuckleNuts says:

      One of my faves, along with the reds and mulberries. We have zillions of them growing wild all around, so I just walk around in the summer while birdwatching and pick them off the bushes as I go, like a shiftless lout.

    3. Louise says:

      Cutting back the trumpet vine before its pernicious overwhelming growth starts again. Plant seeds of nasturtiums and pinks. Chip the dead branches of the winter and strew the chips around the lily bed.

      Enjoy the beautiful flowering saucer magnolia, which has burst into full bloom after a winter that snapped off about 1/3 of its crown.

    4. Tom says:

      Well, we’re all doin’ about the same stuff (cleanin’ up a bit before the plantin’ commences): i swept, raked, weeded, pruned, threw in some calla bulbs (that won’t come up til NEXT year), and ripped out all the ol’ dead stuff from planters all around. Birds are out, bees are back, worms are wakin’ up and i have a lot to do. i refilled the bird feeder that the squirrels destroyed about a month ago, then got the garage cleaned up a bit (more to do there). Nice and warm in PA, out here by Amish country.

      1. Jim says:

        We’ve got radish sprouts!

      2. Ross says:

        Ooh, I’m in PA near Norristown and Chestnut Hill, closer to Philly than you are.

    5. Ross says:

      Went to the farm and got some chicken feed, cleaned out the chickens’ water and food bins and refilled them. Maybe I’ll start working on moving the tomato bed, because they got blight last year. Maybe I’ll cut back the blackberries.

    6. Luke says:

      My garden is indoors so I am engaged in re-rooting and potting cuttings, collecting fallen leaves and saving organic debris for a vermiculture project I am about to start. Can anyone suggest mosses they have had luck with indoors?

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